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He would later, head off to military school in Tampa,
Florida. As Stephen puts it, he witnessed great music in in
Florida, heard and played on back porches, "incredible
music" floating over the orange groves. Picking up blues
sounds, along with his dad's old blues records.

Also, he would be a traveler, traveling with his parents,
from Louisiana, to Cuba. Enriching his soul with everything
from Bluegrass, to Latin beats.

Prior to 1964, he was in a group called the Company, in
which he met a future bandmate Neil Young, and they More...

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Review about Stephen Stills songs
Black Queen 1969 | Reviewer: Hans Johnson
    ------ About the song Black Queen performed by Stephen Stills

saw dvd of Stephen doing this song in an abandon wearhouse out side London jamming with a bunch of musicans like eric c. buddie guy, ect. in a lot faster pace. Would like to get this recording. thanks E mail

oh please STFU re jimmy buffetts version | Reviewer: prutt
    ------ About the song Treetop Flyer performed by Stephen Stills

hey buffett fan ....thats only your opinion! Heres mine! Buffett covers this yes but he didnt write it , doing a cover is easy and his version is nice but boring as hell compared to Stills. Everything's a "son of a son of a sailor" with buffett he just doesn't have 10% the character of Steven.

Treetop Flier | Reviewer: Jack Fernandez
    ------ About the song Treetop Flyer performed by Stephen Stills

I was an F-14 pilot riding the USS Kennedy to NCY for the Statue of Liberty rededication by Ronald Reagan. Steven Stills rode up with us, don't remember why. He played an impromptu concert on the flight deck and did this song. Was Awesome! Anyone know what a Seven Dial is?

Logic From the Heart and Love From the Brain. | Reviewer: CALuteman
    ------ About the song 4+20 performed by Stephen Stills

Best example I've seen telling how way a man lives when a woman leaves him thinking with his heart and feeling with his head. It takes away your faith and logic, leaving you without a place left to take the first step to start living again.

word game=pure genius | Reviewer: keith lsw
    ------ About the song Word Game performed by Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills is one of the most underappreciated musicians of his generation. Word Game is a song that one cannot listen to without being affected by its message. When Stills performs the song, even his guitar sounds angry at the atrocities spoken of in the lyrics. Apartheid is a thing of the past, but this song is still relevant. As long as there is intolerance in this world, its message needs to be heard.

jimmy buffett | Reviewer: blake harvey
    ------ About the song Treetop Flyer performed by Stephen Stills

one of my favorite buffett songs is his cover of this song, as a hidden track, on my favorite album, banana wind. im not too fond of the original, the lyrics are great of coarse, but buffett takes it to the next level. its a shame his isnt as popular. as me and my dad are having to figure out how to play it buffett style on our own. only tabs out there i can find are for stills.

a masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spanish Suite performed by Stephen Stills

I have been a fan of Stephen Stills since age 10, now 46. He is my favorite, an incredible musician. I was fortunate to see him last month in Denver and fortunate to be 10 feet from him from where he was performing. He did not perform Spanish Suite but this song is absolutely a favorite of mine. A Masterpiece which you can listen to over and over again.

An incredible combination | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Word Game performed by Stephen Stills

Stills and an acoustic guitar WOW! Just saw an old (1980) acoustic version of Word Game - informal setting, and he blew a word or two, but...WOW! This as from a show on the long-gone cable channel "Spotlight" - if anyone knows where to find the whole show, please tell us. Did I mention...WOW?

Black Queen as Metaphor | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Black Queen performed by Stephen Stills

I appreciate your comments and posting of this powerful song. My family is from the Delta and I have a great love for this music. I may be over thinking this song since I am an academic but I would suggest that the song can also represent the women and men and the games they play with each other. It speaks to the desire of the black male to be in relationship with his "black queen. Anyway, great poetry lends itself to numerous interpretations. This what makes it great. I wonder if Stills wrote this song or heard it from blues guitarist he speaks about on one of his recordings of the song or a combination of both. I also appreciate Stills giving credit to whom credit was due. He and Jimi were my favorite guitarist from the sixties. peace, Don

Treetop Flyer | Reviewer: Mark
    ------ About the song Treetop Flyer performed by Stephen Stills

Well folks I was a 19 when I first worked and flew with these Vets in Alaska after the war. It's a clean song, I don't read the dope thing into it because it does'nt say it. The song does catch the hotdoging free spirit of the heli and fixed wing drivers of that era. (Helicopters are called "ships") They were all very happy to be flying in the absence of high speed lead and getting paid for it, that's what treetop catches. A number of them I knew had pieces shot out of them and had lost a pile of friends. They also got a "women" as soon as they got home and settled down. God Bless them all - treetop brings back great memories of that bunch for me.

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