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Stellar Kart's focus on youth drives its music and purpose.
Steller Kart consits of 4 guys who range in age from
20-24,The Phoenix-based pop-punk band hearkens back to its
youth group roots with an album that is both edgy and fun
while addressing relevant teen issues. Adam Agee (vocals,
guitar), Jordan Messer (drums), Cody Pellerin (guitar) and
Tay Sitera (bass) grew up playing music.

The four friends came together and indeed it all start in a
youth group. Frontman Agee and drummer Jordan Messer led
worship, while bass player Tay More...

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Review about Stellar Kart songs
A Secular Song With Jesus Tagged On | Reviewer: Jake Johnson
    ------ About the song Me And Jesus performed by Stellar Kart

You wouldn't know this song was by a Christian band until you hit the chorus and hear "you got me and Jesus". Every other lyric is cut-and-paste from a million others songs about never letting go, don't give up, and I love you so I'm never going to leave you.

This doesn't really qualify as a Christian song. If you took away the words "and Jesus" from the chorus, nobody would be able to tell that it was written by a Christian band. Those two words are the only reference the song makes to God, Jesus, or His love.

This song is not about Jesus' love; it is about a person's love -with Jesus tacked on like an afterthought. Sure, it's not a bad song, but it's definitely not a Christian song. It is a secular song that has had the name 'Jesus' tagged on to the chorus to allow it to be played on Christian radio. If those two words in the chorus were taken away, nobody would know it was written by a Christian band, and this song would never get airplay on Christian radio.

this is a great song :) | Reviewer: Lacey
    ------ About the song Jesus Loves You performed by Stellar Kart

i really like this song, it makes me think of my mom especially the "i can't be the one to save you, God knows how many times i've tried" part. if you read this please pray for my mother. Praise God.
God bless you all! :)

Wow...Amazing | Reviewer: Autumn Barrick
    ------ About the song Me And Jesus performed by Stellar Kart

This song has inspired me so much. It helps me through all of my tough times. Whenever I have a bad day and all I feel that I need is to have someone wrap their arms around me and tell me that it's going to be fine, I turn on this song, and I feel so much better. It feels like God is the one embracing me, though I know that someone else is always doing it for Him. He has helped me through every hard time in my life, and I will never give up on that feeling. I think that this song is the one thing that helps me keep up my faith. Always, I will use music to hold on for dear life to the only thing that can keep me alive.

Rock Out Y'all | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Innocent performed by Stellar Kart

Yesterday, June 7, 2009, I saw Stellar Kart live at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va. The song "Innocent" really inspired me. I had such a fun time learning all the new songs, and fellowshiping with my family and friends.

AMMAAZZIINNGG! | Reviewer: nicole!
    ------ About the song Shine Like The Stars performed by Stellar Kart

This song is very touching! I listen to it everyday! It is very true! :) I ESPECIALLY LISTEN TO IT WHEN I AM FEELING LIKE NO ONE CARES! LIKE MY DOWN DAYS! YOU ARE GREAT!

See you guys in March 09 Mesa, Arizona!

I love it!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Jesus Loves You performed by Stellar Kart

I heard this song a couple of days ago for the very first time. There is a friend for whom I've been praying for quite a while now. It's like this song was specifically written about this situation! The words couldn't fit more perfectly! The timing of me hearing this song couldn't have come at a more perfect time! It gives me hope! Thank you!

=] | Reviewer: alr
    ------ About the song Jesus Loves You performed by Stellar Kart

i absolutely love this song. i praise God for the fact that all of this is true and that He sent His one and only son to die for us on the cross. that's how much He loves us..and it shows that Jesus does too. He paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be up in heaven with our Father..amen!

this totally describes it all | Reviewer: kd
    ------ About the song Jesus Loves You performed by Stellar Kart

This song is awesome. I have felt this way about my husband, now my ex so many times. I spend so much time on my knees for him and its like he can't understand the truth right in front of his face!!! I still pray that God's love will capture his attention one of these days!

great song! | Reviewer: maddie
    ------ About the song Me And Jesus performed by Stellar Kart

thats all i can say because its so true for so many of us that think nobody cares, well me and Jesus do, and this song is a great way to explain that. God bless,

Sweet song | Reviewer: Trackgirly88
    ------ About the song Student Driver performed by Stellar Kart

I luv this song and stellar kart
i first heard about stellar kart on the radio and the fist song was me and jesus wich is also an awesome song.
I heard this song at lifest and loved it since
it is so true becuase without God we are nothing

Thanks for the lyrics

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