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FORMED: 1972, Los Angeles, CA

The seeds of this much-respected rock band were sewn at New
York's Bard College where founder members Donald Fagen (b.
10 January 1948, Passaic, New Jersey, New York, USA;
keyboards/vocals) and Walter Becker (b. 20 February 1950,
Queens, New York, USA; bass/vocals) were students. They
subsequently forged a songwriting team and their many demos
were later collected on several exploitative compilations.
Formative versions of 'Brooklyn', 'Barry Town' and
'Parker's Band' - each of which were More...

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Review about Steely Dan songs
wrong words | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song FM performed by Steely Dan

The words are "Bury the bottle" not hurry the bottle.

The line "Bury the bottle" is in reference to a Dick Curless song.

The song is also mentioned in a Stephen King novel from 1975 "Salems Lot"

Steely D at it again | Reviewer: jeffroid
    ------ About the song Godwhacker performed by Steely Dan

Good thump and whine complete with fun lyrics about hunting down and whacking something. I smell Becker all over these lyrics > Dont forget his previous album 11 tracks of whack, check out cringemaker

preview of things to come..... | Reviewer: David Jay 6
    ------ About the song Do It Again performed by Steely Dan

is what this tune was. Steely Dan and their depictions of characters and situations on the edge. A side of American society that I've never heard anybody portray better. Not to mention rhythmic and harmonic sophistication and gorgeous arrangements.

*erhm* under 30 | Reviewer: oyvind frivold aka kid charlemagne
    ------ About the song Do It Again performed by Steely Dan

had to comment seeing as I am under 30:P love steely dan.
not many have heard of steely dan in norway but i once burned a cd and everyone who heard it commented on how awesome it was. left the cd in a car at work that everyone shares and it stayed in the cdplayer with no complaints for almost a year. even this old guy who don't like music in general commented that it was "ok":D

deacon blues is by far their greatest work.

rfewMZPkcNHFJozXCY | Reviewer: Tatang
    ------ About the song Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More performed by Steely Dan

Hey eenvyore,I saw the sf.unterwegs program also, and I love the poster too .It would be great, when I could find such a poster during my New York trip in the end of november :-) So, is there someone else how nows where I can get this poster?Thx Patrick

Unreported lyric | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Kings performed by Steely Dan

In the final chorus, 'raise up your glass' is repeated three times. The first and second time, the glass is raised to King 'John.' In the third repeat, the phrase changes to 'raise up your glass to good kings all.'

Who's guitar solo is that?! | Reviewer: Adryan
    ------ About the song Snowbound performed by Steely Dan

I've been a huge Steely Dan and Donald Fagen fan for decades. And they've always used the best guitar players/soloists in pop and rock music. But who in the F##K is the guitar player doing the solo on this song?! It's got to be the worst solo in recorded history. It literally sounds like they let a drunken high school student into the studio to record it for them. It's horrendous. But the MORE pressing question is, what producer would have allowed this guy's solo on a Steely Dan production?! I mean, how many people were asleep at the wheel on this one? I just can't figure out how in the world the same artists and production team that gave us Larry Carlton's brilliant solo on "Kid Charlemagne" and Jay Graydon's amazing solo in "Peg," would force us to hear a loser like this one, hacking around the fretboard like it was his first day holding a guitar!

Great song | Reviewer: Alexander
    ------ About the song Babylon Sisters performed by Steely Dan

I think this is one of the band's best songs. It combines elements of jazz, blues, and funk. The drumbeat is particularly nice, and I've been trying to learn it with a lot of success. All in all, this is a great song essential for any fan of Steely Dan, or anyone just getting into it.

dirty work | Reviewer: kellie Greenwald
    ------ About the song Dirty Work performed by Steely Dan

i would like to hear tommy rox music cause i love his music alot i adore the muisc i love the whole entire set the whole think i love it alot it means alot to him and to me i love to sing with him with tommy rox and also tj walker he is good and talented and famous and a contry singer too.

kellie greenwald

I love this song. | Reviewer: Oli
    ------ About the song Deacon Blues performed by Steely Dan

I love this song a lot because the lyrics is very meaningful to me. I especially like the part in the chorus,"they got a name for the winners in the world
I want a name when I lose." And also deacon meaning ,"a member of the clerical order next below that of a priest" blues.

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