Steeler Albums

  • Undercover Animal Album (8/25/1988)
    Hunter Or Hunted
    Undercover Animal
    Shadow In The Redlight
    Hard Breaks
    Rely On Rock
    Stand Tall
    Deeper The Night
    Knock Me Out
    Bad To The Bone

  • Strike Back Album (8/25/1986)
    Chain Gang
    Money Doesn't Count
    Danger Comeback
    Messing Around With Fire
    Rockin' The City
    Strike Back
    Night After Night
    Waiting For The Star

  • Rulin' The Earth Album (8/25/1985)
    The Resolution (Intro)
    Rulin' The Earth
    Let The Blood Run Red
    Heading For The End
    Run With The Pack
    S.F.M. 1
    Turning Wheels

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