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I was lying on the grass on Sunday morning of last week
Indulging in my self-defeat
My mind was thugged all laced and bugged all twisted wrong and beat
uncomfortable in three feet deep
Now the fuzzy stare from not being there on a confusing morning week
Impaired my tribal lunar-speak
And of course you can't become if you only say what you would have done
So I missed a million miles of fun

I know it's up for me
Making sure I'm not in too deep
Keeping versed and on my feet

I was frying on the bench slide in the park across the street
l-a-t-e-r that week
My sticky paws were in to making straws out of big fat slurpy treats
An incredible eight foot heap
Now the funny glare to pay a gleaming tare in a staring under heat
Involved an under usual feat
And I'm not only among but I invite who I want to come
So I missed a million miles of fun

I know it's up for me
Making sure I'm not in too deep
Keeping versed and on my feet

I know its done for me
Not something hard to see
Keeping dumb and built to beat

If you Steal my sunshine
If you Steal my sunshine
If you steal my sunshine


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My view | Reviewer: Amy | 4/12/14

The lyrics are largely new to me; when the song was given airplay, I was only aware of the lyrics "if you steal my sunshine" "Sunshii-ii-iine" and "making sure I'm not in too deep". No other lyrics fully registered.

The basic concept of the song seems to be 'without my partner, life is meaningless and I will no longer be protected from my self-defeating, negative attitude'. The intended audience (the 'you' in the chorus) is the singers' partners. The singers' relationships seem to be ending, if they have not ended already. The verses detail instances in which the singer is behaving in a meaningless and/or depressive way; they are behaving in this way because the relationship has failed or is failing.

(I am communicating as well as I can but please excuse the autism if you cannot understand me, thanks so much).

first verse means: | Reviewer: opinion overlad | 12/25/13

don't waste your day hungover, crashed, or otherwise impaired due to over imbibment the night before. You steal your own sunshine.

2nd verse: is about the opposite, wasting your days at a dead end low wage job, in this case, working the icee/cold drink stand at a park with customers wearing u out all day. don't waste your sunshine. or you will miss a million miles of fun... sunshine.

don't over think it... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/13

first verse - wasting your days hungover or high all the time so that you all you do is talk about what you could do, but are too zoned out to.

second verse - wasting your days at a low paying / dead end job. She's describing a food stand... frying burgers or making slushies on hot days, seeing bagged trash stacking up, customers being impatient, while you do something a monkey could but it costs more to train one...

"million miles of fun" is the stories you hear from compadres talking about the awesome time they had while u were passed out or working.

Mind boggled | Reviewer: Cotton Candy | 4/18/12

After listening to the lyrics numerous times, I'm still lost in my own sunshine. However, the cotton candy makes me wonder if it was laced with a little bit of humor and wisdom which all adds up to nothing but F-U-N. Great song.

Andrea True Connection to Steal My Sunshine | Reviewer: Michael | 11/11/11

Great song due to the changing poetic tempo. Funny, on my iPod More More More by Andrea True Connection was playing and randomly Steal My Sunshine came next. Tne pattern of the "pinging" (like on submarine sonar) must be a sampling from that. It seems there are a few songs out that that use this sonic style. Tainted Love by Soft Cell also has a sound of the same genre (Like a BART Train horn in SF). Must have been an advancement in synthesizers or something at the time. Kind of like the cow bell percussion in the 60s to 70s. SMS did seem to crack the code on what makes a Happy Song. We need more like it.

hmm | Reviewer: str8l8ced | 6/9/11

these lyrics are the most imaginative ive read in awhile. i just now read them after all these years. wtf is sharon talking about? making straw objects? what ever it is i still love this song. fun times

not about pg | Reviewer: Jouee | 5/23/11

From Anonymous 9/28/09 "Last week, he got drunk... he had sex with another person and got her pregnant."
If was impossible to know you are pg until at least 2 weeks after sex (It is now possible due to HCG predictions PG test but they had yet to be invented when this song was written)

DRUGS | Reviewer: tyler | 4/22/11

this is song is about sitting on a beach after a long night of ecstasy, maybe some other drugs, but most likely a lot of e. "My mind was thugged all laced and bugged all twisted wrong and beat". Later, they take acid, as shown by the term "frying".

Everyone just chill | Reviewer: Babba Boey | 12/23/10

The song is about these siblings fighting. The guy probably wrote his part of the lyrics along with the backing track, then gave it to his sister to finish. The first verse describes an uncomfortable situation and has a unique rhyme pattern. For the second verse it sounds like the chick followed the same pattern but also made the lyrics more nonsensical. Either way it's a brilliantly simple song.

Eh, what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/10

Guys I hear what you're saying about the lyrics and what the song us about. One problem there though and i challenge anyone to say different - they don't make any sense whatsoever. Great song though.

GOOD FRIDAY FEELING SONG | Reviewer: Jenny | 10/1/10

Heard this song in Dublin on my way to work in an A & E Dept (it's been a hard/sad week) and oh, what a lift. Brought me back to the 80's and 90's and I just felt great. Grew up in Brooklyn and remember heading for the subway listening to it on my cheap $25.00 walkman (do you remember them?!!) going to meet a friend. Creative, fun and relates to any year. A classic.

freedom is precious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/10

It describes a romantic relationship between teenagers, whose feelings vacillate between extremes. Steal my sunshine = Steal my freedom(Don't get a one night stand pregnant,you'll have to deal with the consequences, and it will ruin your freedom)

Song meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/10

Really, who cares what it's about? Whether you like the song for the lyrics, or whether it just sounds nice, who cares?
Also, just thought I'd share: My dad is friends with one of the producers in the song, one of the guys that speaks at the beginning: the one that says does he like butter tarts :)

Possible meaning | Reviewer: Joe | 6/18/10

A lot of you think that this song is about Marc getting drunk/high and getting Sharon knocked up, (kinda scary considering that they're brother and sister) but I think that its about the two of them getting in an argument which tore a hole in their close friendship. I hope you all know that "love" has multiple different meanings, not just the romantic-couple-valentines kind, but also the brotherly-friends-and-family kind.

I did not know until now | Reviewer: Tevin | 10/17/09

I did not know up until now that this song had a negative situation behind it! I always thought of it as a nice summer 90s song. To be honest I didnt know what the song was about. I just like the fact that it sounded like a happy song lolz...oopz :l

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