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Evolution can be a scary thing.

It seems like just yesterday that Static-X were the
venerable newcomers on the heavy metal block, the release
of Wisconsin Death Trip in 1999 serving as a coming-out
party for the Los Angeles quartet’s molten hybrid. Equal
parts heavy metal, industrial thunder, and hook-laden,
songwriting savvy, they scraped the senses with the
untempered energy of digital screams and mosh pit mayhem.
The debut went platinum, and it’s follow-up, Machine, has
been certified gold as the band toured side-by-side with
the More...

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Review about Static-X songs
Love letter from wayne to tera | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tera-Fied performed by Static-X

obviously wayne loves his wife... <3
(btw how awesome would it be if disney made a movie out of it? just think of wayne as a knight in a shiny armour)

Powerful! | Reviewer: Legato-Bluesummers
    ------ About the song All In Wait performed by Static-X

Such a powerful song! The lyrics reached me, and touched me in fact... A great metal song... You never know what Static-X may bring to you...

Btw, Mr. Jeremiah, hats up to you, for criticizing how Static-X plays their songs... I respect your opinion but DISAGREES with it!

uNbnDxWKtdWnVsg | Reviewer: Bana
    ------ About the song Chemical Logic performed by Static-X

</a>no offnese but Justin Beiber sucks on my scale of 1-10 he would be -25, not every girl loves him (I HATE him a lot!!!!!!) I'm a girl my favorite band is My Chemical Romance . my favorite album by My Chemical Romance is The Black Parade I hoped they liked the plastic surgery!

DT's | Reviewer: PitMaGGot
    ------ About the song Skinnyman performed by Static-X

I Believe this song is about DTs or withdrawls to a really strong drug like meth etc due to the fact 1. Meth will make u lose tons of weight(skinnyman) and will turn u into a "motherfucker" and 2. the reason i think it's about Detox and Withdrawls is the "As my skin turns yellow
I forget this hell
As the skies are bruised
And the rain comes down
As my face turns pale
Try to deal with these thoughts
At the end of it all
I still miss you" Parts sounds like what you will go through at a detox facility. I could be wrong, could be about an X etc but these are just my thoughts.

push it | Reviewer: Billy
    ------ About the song Push It performed by Static-X

This songs meaning is badassed for anyone who has "pushed the square"........if ya don't know what that is.....start listening to deftones and also the reason why every good musician is not here anymore.or will be soon to pass.....except the great GONZO.....

just thinking | Reviewer: higher
    ------ About the song So performed by Static-X

blaze up and listen to this song .this song makes me think of smtg . he's actually singing this song to marijuana. and his gf doesnt like about him smoking up. so he pushes marijuana away. he feels empty inside because he cant get high ! he betrays his head ! she makes me bad . gf makes him bad . so what do we do ? lets get high , disco style.

Bought it on Rock Band tonight :D | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Push It performed by Static-X

I bought this song for Rock Band after I listened to it(with the video) when a friend posted it on Facebook(she had it stuck in her head). Like someone else said, the intro prepares you for an all-out, in your face adrenaline rush. This is only the 2nd song by Static X I have really listened to; The Only was the first when I was rocking out to it while street racing in Need for Speed: Underground. :D

WHOAH MY GOD. | Reviewer: xx MiSS ZoMBie
    ------ About the song Push It performed by Static-X

So, this is one of the first songs by Static-X I've ever heard. I noticed a lot of their songs are like this...Fast-paced and pulsing in your eardrums, lyrics like links on a chain, every feel more intensifying. I have to say, this band rocks my effing socks off! =]

sometimes the words are just right. | Reviewer: jeremiah
    ------ About the song All In Wait performed by Static-X

the words written for this song sum up how i feel so well. before i ever even knew them, first time i heard this song the music spoke to me. its ashame the band has taken such a downward turn with the horrible guitair riffs so remaniscient of the late 80s slayer/megadeth type earbleeding, mindnumbing solos that were in no way music. i have no idea why they started playing this way, but regardless, this song is one of the most powerfull sounding, and feeling songs out there. if you are in this state that is...

Static - X? | Reviewer: He
    ------ About the song Cannibal performed by Static-X

[I felt sorry for this Jeremy motherfucker...until I read his comment.]
Static X is really getting better at surprising me with each and every album. The way they put things together, their sound and super low tuning (especially), and how Wayne's vocals are aggressive yet completely under control. Static X organizes their music in a way that is distinguishable from any other band. On 'Cannibal', I loved how they introduced each element seperateley and fused them together near the end. Great job guys :D

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