State Of Shock Albums

  • Rock N' Roll Romance Album (9/20/2011)
    The F Word
    Have A Nice Day
    Innocent Girl
    Wish I Woulda Wowed U
    Mary Goes 'Round
    Gone N' Done N' Did It
    Last Call
    Still Got Tomorrow
    Call Me Crazy
    Used To Be
    Rock N' Roll Romance

  • Life, Love & Lies Album (7/17/2007)
    Life, Love & Lies
    Hearts That Bleed
    Too Pretty
    Best I Ever Had
    Day After Day
    Money Honey
    Honeymoon's Over
    Different Day
    Pieces Of You

  • Guilty By Association Album (6/19/2007)
    Wish I Never Met You
    If I Could
    Living Unaware
    Shit Talker
    So Many Times

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