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Pearl Jam State Of Love And Trust Lyrics

Last updated: 12/16/2012 10:39:03 AM

State of love and trust as I busted down the pretext
Sin still plays and preaches, but to have an empty court, uh huh
And the signs are passin', grip the wheel, can't read it
Sacrifice receiving the smell that's on my hands, hands, yeah

And I listen for the voice inside my head
Nothin', I'll do this one myself

Lay her down as priest does, should the Lord be accountin'
Will be in my honor, make it pain, painfully quick, uh huh
Promises are whispered in the age of darkness
Want to be enlightened like I want to be told the end, end, yeah

And the barrel shakes aimed a directly at my head
Oh, help me, help me from myself
And I listen from four sides of the bed
Nothin', I'll do this one myself
Myself, myself

Hey, na na na na, hey that's something
Hey, na na na na, hey that's something
Hey, na na na na, hey that's something
Wanna back, back it away, yeah

And I listen, yeah, for the voice inside my head
Nothin', I'll do this one myself
Oh, ah, and the barrel waits, trigger shakes
Aimed right at my head, won't you help me
Help me from myself

State of love and trust, and a
State of love and trust, and a
State of love and trust, and a
State of love and yeah yeah

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Its about.... | Reviewer: PJNO1FAN | 12/16/12

If you read PJ20, or seen PJ20, Eddie Vedder says this song is about being 'faithful'. The person who posted 'cheating on significant other' explained it the best. Eddie has lots of emotions, as do we all, in which we can relate too. He is genius, as another post commented on saying.

raw | Reviewer: mandy | 12/15/12

Wow emotion, beyond anything anyone would allow us to see and hear. Eddie gives his all, more than what we deserve, letting us see inside him, overwelming, raw'it touches your soul and makes you feel naked. Eddie's honesty makes you feel almost embarresed with its truthfullness, it reaches youe emotions so deeply its almost uncomfortable, eddie is a genius

To being true to oneself | Reviewer: mia | 1/12/12

Eddie is Eddie and he goes to that place which brings that very beautiful sound we all yearn for. Interpret how you may, but beauty will be
beauty, and the transfer of his entire being is
why he is Eddie Vedder...


love | Reviewer: brian | 10/17/11

It's about finding false love that's not deep enough to rid you of yourself and screaming and crying because it's not honest but you're too lonely to care so you take what you have instead of seeking harder for The Lord. The rest is just euphemism. At least that's what I got out of it.

uhm | Reviewer: Bjorn of the Dead | 1/27/11

JUST read the last couplet's, its about somebody screaming out for help, nobody helps him. As he is about to commit suicide by firearm. Berreta blowjob.

And I listen, yeah, for the voice inside my head
Nothin', I'll do this one myself
Oh, ah, and the barrel waits, trigger shakes
Aimed right at my head, don't won't you help me
Help me from myself

He has the plan inside, but doesn't want to pull trough, asking why nobody wants to stop him, safe him from himself. As in Stop me from killing me.

Not the only song about killing oneself, look up jeremy, shortly its about killing thyself and all you end up with is a small piece in the local newspaper, its useless.

Cheaters? | Reviewer: BuzzcutGtr | 12/11/10

Have none of you ever cheated on your significant other? LOL Sounds to me like the lyrics describe cheating -- your dissatisfaction at home which makes you cheat in the first place ("As I busted down the pretext"), driving to the illicit encounter ("And the signs are passing / Grip the wheel / Can't read 'em"), having to usually do the deed before someone's S.O. gets home ("Make it pain, painfully quick"), the awareness that you're jeopardizing your relationship at home ("Sacrifice received / And the smell is [literally!] on my hands"), and the conflicts of conscience ("the voice inside my head") that are involved throughout the whole thing.

You may ask: "Then why does he talk about a gun to his head?" Could be an analogy for the guilt you feel screwing around on your S.O. However, this tune in particular seems to suggest that there may be a LACK of guilt, and then THAT causes a conflict of conscience ("And I listen / For the voice inside my head / Nothing? / I'll do this one myself...")

Daniel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/10

He tells her he loves her but the real reason is that he just wants to fuck her, he knows it's wrong because the signs are there but he doesn't want to listen, he knows she's fucked around but as much as he loves fucking her he just wants to kill her because she just doesn't want only him...............that's my guess about the lyrics! Daniel

love and mis trust | Reviewer: tpsexabuse | 3/25/10

this song means to me....i confronted my former abusers about sexual abuse when i was a kid. they were faculty at an all boys boarding school. to me this is about the strong primal emotions that the confrontation brought up....struggling with their false answers to my questions and the battle over shame....self-harm.....retribution...justice

that's just me...

eddie's lyrics | Reviewer: Tony | 12/14/09

Eddie Vedder's lyrics always evoke visuals for me that convey the nuances of everyday life:

"And the signs are passin,
grip the wheel, can't read it..."

When I hear those lines, I picture someone driving to work in the morning and it's raining and alot of traffic and whatnot, and they see a billbooard or sign of some sort that jumps out at them for whatever reason but it's obscured by the darkness and rain, so they grip their steering wheel and and lean forward and squint their eyes to get a better look. The song, to me at least, is about perspective, and how the two factors in the title go hand in hand, and how it's easy to lose sight of these ideals in our real life relationships. It's illustrating these small moments of zen in the mundane details of everyday life-- and our ability to relate to them-- that give Vedder's lyrics their emotional power. The man's a poet.

timeless | Reviewer: damon | 11/9/09

I don't think any song in the history of music expresses the angst of being in and out and sometimes in between those places we sometimes find ourselves when the ideal we have of love is ultimately overshadowed by it's actuality. Vedder does an uncanny job at amplifying those often quiet nuances that are seldomly able to be expressed in words, but almost always felt. as with so much of his music, he gives perfect vent to what we all feel at one time or another so that even if you don't fully understand some of his often enigmatic lyrics, you can always turn off the the analytical machine and simply feel. Eddie's screaming, raw edged baritone begs to be understood in a plea that is at once compassionate, sympathetic and undeniable. Personally, i love the lyrics. And for anyone just listening to this song for the first time, it's a great representation of who the band is, where they come from, and how they ably conveyed in a voice that was both powerful and passionate, the sentiments of an entire generation of people whose ideas about love and life were being irrevocably altered. A great band for the ages.

i think | Reviewer: me | 5/9/09

i think the best thing about eddies vocals is that you can barely understand what he's saying.but you hear the emotion and you can interpet the meaning to suit you.and all the "noises" he makes speaks a hundred words.

It's a suicide | Reviewer: Daniel Goldberg | 2/13/09

To me it's a man thinking about killing himself after an empty sexual encounter fails to fill the emptiness inside. "And the barrel shakes, aimed directly at my head, oh help me, help me from myself.."

Response to Jon | Reviewer: Devin | 11/29/07

Wow! I'm sure Eddy would have a little different take than that. You think as he spends his creative energies to write a song he's thinking "who really gives a shit" nobody pays attention to my lyrics anyway? Pull your head out of your ass!

who gives a shit | Reviewer: jon | 6/15/07

man who gives a shit about the lyrics, any pearl jam fan would no that there all about the music, it doesnt really matter wat it means so dont make a big deal out of it, personaly thats my favorite song ever & i really dont care what the lyrics are

Well....... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/07

As a former author of these lyrics, this is all wrong! I had it correct all the way, tried and true. It doesn't really matter anyway, because whoever reads this won't hear the words anyway, Ley her priest???? ok so I nitpick, but, I can't give a shit less, anyone who read MY (mephistopheles_beelzebub) got the actual lyrics. Whomever is the admin of are a piss poor excuse for honesty, integrity, and honesty. Shalom motherfuckers! P.S. if you want the real lyrics---