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G.B.H. State Executioner Lyrics

Last updated: 04/16/2003 04:22:36 AM

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State executioner, there's no hope,
for the men that hang on th eend of your rope.
You think you're safe no-one can tell,
what they'll do when you get to hell.

State executioner ..

Got the papers, you need your boss,
that man is not guilty you don't give a toss.
Pull the lever, watch him swing,
state executioner, murderous king.

State executioner, just the same,
as the people you kill in the government's name.
Slip on the hood, open the hatch,
you're no better than those you dispatch.

State executioner, punishing men,
although it's for ever and ever amen.
Fame and fortune damnation you've got,
state executioner you should be shot.

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