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The Saddle Club Starshine Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2012 07:04:28 AM

this way we're going
we'll make it to the top
in every single way (way, way)
we'll rise and never stop

of course we are the saddle club
we can do anything that we wanna do
we can take that spotlight away
of course all our friends are coming too

cuz we're gonna shine, shine so bright
that you can't even see us anymore
we are going to reach out
from where we belong
we're so bright that we starshine
we shine like a star

this way everyone gets what they want
we'll go the extra mile
every single time (time, time)
you can do what you want
while I'll sing with my own voice

*chorus* (x2)

we starshine, starshine, starshine
we starshine, starshine, starshine


we shine like a star, star, star

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