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Montreal in winter is a cold, cruel place. It's the sort of
city where you have to chip the tears off your cheeks when
you start to cry, where words freeze barely halfway out of
your mouth. The cold is a vindictive bride - she'll trap
you between her thighs and turn your heart to ice if you're
not careful. Most sensible people spend their time indoors,
trying to combat the chill by drinking red wine, getting
high and having sex. Some fall in and out of love and some
just fall asleep.

Last January, in the dead of night when everyone More...

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Reviews about Stars songs

Great beat | Reviewer: Jess
    ------ About the song Heart performed by Stars

I really cannot figure out what this song is about. It has a great beat for a long run, sweet lyrics that I can fantasize about, uplifting, I want to listen again and again, I want more - also great for a rainy day

Brave | Reviewer: Leilani
    ------ About the song Personal performed by Stars

This is a really brave song to write. It's a reminder of how people cannot get past the surface. I love it. The melody sounds really melancholy but it suits the situation.

amazing song but whoever submitted lyrics,.. | Reviewer: shayela h
    ------ About the song The Night Starts Here performed by Stars

i just sent in corrections for this beautiful new song, but whoever did it before me was an idiot...

"You name your track
after your fear
and tell them I have brought you beer."

I mean, please. Stars is deeper than "i have brought you beer."

On another note, i've heard lots of depressing reviews about the recent album, which i dont yet have, and i'm surprised because this song is breathtaking, and not too different from their original style.

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