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Offspring Staring At The Sun Lyrics

Last updated: 06/08/2009 11:00:00 AM

Maybe life is like a ride on a freeway
Dodging bullets while you're trying to find your way
Everyone's around, but no one does a damn thing
It brings me down, but I won't let them

If I seem bleak
Well you'd be correct
And if I don't speak
It's cause I get disconnected
But I won't be burned by the reflection
Of the fire in your eyes
As you're staring at the sun

When I ran I didn't feel like a runaway
When I escaped I didn't feel like I got away
There's more to living than only surviving
Maybe I'm not there, but I'm still trying

Though you hear me
I don't think that you relate
My will is something
That you can't confiscate
So forgive me, but I won't be frustrated
By destruction in your eyes
As you're staring at the sun

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I wouldn't suggest doing it. | Reviewer: Guy Person | 7/11/2007

I stared at the sun once. Burnt my eyes... Other than that, its an AWESOME SONG!!!

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Best song ever!! | Reviewer: Cora | 4/24/2007

WOW! I love this song!! Its SO is like a ride on the freeway!

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soph heart offspring-hehe! | Reviewer: ~soph~ | 3/14/2006

I love it. hehe!! If u don't then i feel sorry for u, as there will be sumthin wrong wiv ya!!hehe!!! :)

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