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It doesn’t take more than one listen to Staple’s savagely
sophisticated and melodic debut to realize that this is a
band whose lyrics and music share the stage equally in
focus. With a work ethic that has seen Staple play close to
300 shows in the last two years, it’s been a long road to
their debut release on Flicker Records that culminates with
their self-titled release hitting retail on March 23, 2004.
This ethic has helped them craft a live performance that
rivals any working-class band out today.

“We feel that the audience is More...

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Review about Staple songs
Gentlemen Keep Your Eyes Guarded | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Deathtrap Daisy performed by Staple

So easy in this day and age for men to get lost into pornography. While this song doesn't say anything directly negative on the subject, there's some subtleties from the lyrics that make me believe this is what Staple is perhaps leading to. However, if anything like my title, keep your eyes focused on the one you are meant to be with. So remember your vow before God.

First Impressions Can Be A Big Deal | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song 5 Minutes Strong performed by Staple

Since a lot of people judge on first impressions, let your words be few and guarded as far as what you want to portray for Christ. Most of the time, you only have five minutes with total strangers to do what you can do to either impress or show yourself as a dirtbag. Your choice?

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