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Within Temptation Stand My Ground Lyrics

Last updated: 07/16/2013 05:33:25 PM

I can see
When you stay low nothing happens
Does it feel right?

Late at night
Things I thought I put behind me
Haunt my mind

I just know there's no escape
Now once it sets it's eyes on you
But I won't run,
Have to stare it in the eye

Stand my ground, I won't give in
No more denying, I've got to face it
Won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside
If I don't make it, someone else will
Stand my ground

It's all around
Getting stronger, coming closer
Into my world

I can feel
That it's time for me to face it
Can I take it?

Though this might just be the ending
Of the life I held so dear
But I won't run,
There's no turning back from here


All I know for sure is I'm trying
I will always stand my ground

Stand my ground, I won't give in (I won't give in)
I won't deny (I won't deny)
no more denying, I've got to face it
won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside
if I don't make it, someone else will

Stand my ground, I won't give in
no more denying, I've got to face it
won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside
if I don't make it, someone else will
stand my ground

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A mistake or two | Reviewer: Jules | 7/16/13

In the first chorus after the bridge she sings
"I won't give in (I won't give in)
I won't give up (I won't give up)
No more denying...."
"I won't give in (I won't give in)
I won't deny (I won't deny)
No more denying..." ;)

And Daniel Gibson Han'some didn't write the lyrics, he wrote the mustic but I guess the overall creators of the song are written down :)

Yes!!!!.... | Reviewer: Nafisa Nazeer | 1/30/13

Yesterday I stood my ground and the teacher, the students, and the boy I like we're so proud of me. I did it so well. Thank you Within Temptation. Because of this song and my experience, I will always stand my ground!!!!

Inspiring.. | Reviewer: Nafisa Nazeer | 1/20/13

I wrote my last comment as "Catty". I hope someone from my PACE class sees this. On Tuesday, when I have to present, I'll have this song in my head. I promise to stand my ground when I need to. From, Nafisa. Thank you for this awesome song, Within Temptation, I appreciate it.

Inspiring | Reviewer: Catty | 1/11/13

This song is so true. I have to do a presentation next week. Thing is, I have been delaying all of my presentations for the whole school year. So this time my teacher is making me do it. I have to face it and stand my ground, like what the song says. This is my favorite symphonic metal song. Thanks.

My opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/11

Well i just love the song and the band and the lyrics and the way all comes together makes the song become so alive, i think the song is about what she is doing as a artist and the effects there of. She knows that what she does goes to the people, people digest it and get changed by it, some for the good some for the bad dependable on the way one precives it, and she knows that she has thir responsability for what she has done and altough she knows what the price is shes gotto pay she is still standing for who and what she is, she is not running of it cause she knows there is no escaping it so she faces it, and the reality getting closer and into her world and she has to change change the ways she once knew and do whatever it takes to make it, she is a strong person and will stand her ground and fight with everything in her but she relises thats she is actualy losing the battle and taking it with honour

Wonderful Song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/11

I have been listening to Within Temptation for many years! It gets down to the core of feelings or memories that you need to take care of. No one else can face it but you!! It will eat away at you if you do not face it....if you do not then it will eat you away slowly...thank you within temptation...for creating a beautiful song and getting me through some hard times.

The arguing =.= | Reviewer: Red and Black | 1/30/11

This is a brilliant song that, as Mmmmgothy put it, is empowering and supremely relateable.
In short, the song is epic. That is all that matters!
If you can`t worship a song without getting into a fight about another band, don`t review! Danders98 is right; we all get our own opinion.
Whether we like something or not depends on our perspective which changes per person, so arguing is pointless ;p

Um... Sorry? | Reviewer: Danders98 | 1/21/11

Anonymous 9/9/09 had a right to her opinion. I personally agree with that opinion, but that doesn't matter. Even if I hadn't, I would still not agree with you pointing the finger like that. You did the same... You know, saying Evanescance and We Are The Fallen is better? So, actually, YOU back off.

Anthemic Beauty | Reviewer: Mmmmgothy | 9/14/10

The lyrics are supremely relateable and blasted with appropriate vigor. Nothing tremendously deep or specific, but the voice carries the song in a way that makes everyone who hears it feel empowered.

This is my favorite WT song.

Awesome BUT.... | Reviewer: AmyLeebot | 1/30/10

Excuse me “anonymouse 9/9/09” but even though this song is one of my favorites of all time, I don’t appreciate you bashing Evanescence like that. WT is my third fav. Gothic Rock band of all time, but behind both Ev and We Are The Fallen. Back off.

EPIC FTW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/09

This is very motivational. I absolutely LOVE this song. WT ranks in my fav bands along with Nightwish and Dragonland. :D All of there songs are simply put but understatedly AMAZING. Evanescense is no comparrision to WT. =/ Within Temptation knocks them clear out of my knowing. Maybe one day I'll get to see WT live! <3

stand my ground | Reviewer: Tara | 11/6/08

Beautiful. As always Sharon and the band kick major ass. I have the Live version, I believe it is the one on Black Symphony but could be wrong about that (it's the one from iTunes, lol)... Anyway, what I was wondering is if anyone knows what Sharon says after "All I know for sure/Is I'm trying/ I will always stand my ground", because I can't make it out. Dumb question, I know, but it's bugging me.

Analyzing Stand my ground | Reviewer: reocwolf | 10/11/08

It’s like when you have a big responsibility and you doubt you can make it, and then you have to choose: surrender or try. She chooses to try; she won't run and will face it. She describes responsibility as a big supernatural beast that hunts her and surrounds her, and once it sets the eyes on you there’s no escape. So she stops running and stares into its eyes. This symbolize that she took the treat, she took what life gave her, that big responsibility that will not only affect her life but everyone’s too. “Responsibility” is not just taking out the trash, is being careful in every step you take in life. Because every step affects something in your surroundings, we have to understand that too.
Introduction is a thought. Talking in 3rd person she says: It feels right when you don’t have to choose. When life doesn’t give you a big responsibility and you can keep walking on the easy road, and don't having to be so aware of every step. Then the thoughts that come to you of: OMG do I have to do that? What if...I can’t do it... These are the things that haunt her mind late at night.

My opinion. | Reviewer: myself | 9/20/08

I think it's about like how each person has to figure out some opinion of the truth out for themselves. "When you stay low nothing happens. Does it feel right?" "Things I thought I'd put behind me. Haunt my mind." And if you don't have some opinion then you don't matter. "Wont close my eyes and hide the truth inside. If I don't make it someone else will."

Amazing. | Reviewer: Kal | 8/21/08

Awesome song! Can't stop listening to it. Sharon rocked in this one, its almost as good as Angels. I really think this is a song about paranormal activity, well thats what it sounds like xD This would be a great theme for A Haunting. =D