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Talib Kweli Stand To The Side Lyrics

Last updated: 11/10/2008 10:00:00 AM

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Go right to left, left to right
Middle passage connection
Yeah, about to build
Tell you which way to go

We go right to left, left to right
If you fight to the death, what's left to fight
We go right to left, left to right
If you fight to the death
Yo, here we go

I wanna write away
I wanna write here
I wanna write brave words that fight fear
I write dreams and nightmares
It might scare the folks stuck in the day
With nothing to say,
While I'm way ahead by light years, yeah
So beware and keep the lights on
I wanna write the songs that right the wrong
Right on
Riding the light so you see in the dark
So deep you gotta be still like your beating heart
My words apply the pressure to make the bleeding stop
I see the art of living right, eating smart
I wanna right to life, a right to death
Police read your rights from right to left
But I never write to remain silent
I fight through police line
Cops walk the beat that I write to
I teach minds, and write rhymes with the right sounds
Right now, journalists write up, I write down

Party people put a hand in the sky
Grab a cloud and squeeze til no man is dry
We wet it up, all askin people if they plannin to die
They can't stay to live, consumers plannin to buy
Slow death, operators is standing by
They take your order for the slaughter of the family why
Do they make it so hard for a man to provide?
Yo, you better get wit it, or stand to the side
Stand to the side, stand to the side
You better get wit it, or stand to the side
Stand to the side, stand to the side
You better get wit it, or stand to the side
Come on

[Vinia Mojica]
And the story line goes on
Right to left, who's right who's wrong
Fuck the politics and pride
I just to try to stay alive
To witness where the battle lines are drawn
Speak my mind and sing my song
I'm passin on the moral y'all
Cause this ain't play
you got to know the way
Is hard now
Open eyes
See hopeful lives
Sing it now

Making my way through life
Talking to elders and taking advice
Ignoring their words and paying the price
Live in a world where false preachers got us praying to Christ
Get with the young girls in the choir and be laying the pipe
No control of our soul we all wait at the light
So comfortable that we hating to fight to make it right
Late at night I'm controlled by the DJ on the mic
I love hip-hop and every joint he playing is tight
A day in the life is a brick in the foundation I'm like
A mason in Egypt, amazing when I'm creating a sight
For the world to behold and the story to last
So one day ghetto children can visit their glorious past
After Pac and Notorious passed, what do we have?
Niggas worth more when they dead, it's so sad
Started with the slavery we finish the plan
But I broke the cycle, and became a man


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