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The band Staind has had the current line-up since 11/24/95.
We put out a self-released CD on 11/29/96. The 1st CD party
was an overwhelmingly great success with over 900 people in
attendance. We sold more than 200 CDs that night. During
the next year, we sold more than 2000 CDs while playing
gigs throughout New England with bands such as: Honkeyball,
Shed, Kilgore, GWAR, Far and God Lives Under Water.

The band's big break came October 23, 1997 when Staind
performed with the band Limp Bizkit at the Webster Theater
in Hartford, CT. More...

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Review about Staind songs
Dreams Or Drugs? | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Comfortably Numb (Live Acoustic) performed by Staind

Hmmm...I dunno, there's a part of me that says this song could be talking about the need at one time in his (Aaron's or someone he knows) life about having dreams to do great things but have grown apart from them by letting "certain things in life get in the way." On the other hand, I look at these lyrics and think to myself when I read "There is no pain, you are receding
A distant ship's smoke on the horizon" I get the feeling that this song could be about letting drugs soften the pain of life. For the life of me, I honestly don't know, these are only my thoughts and maybe someone else can enlighten us eventually.

A Request? | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Cross to Bear performed by Staind

My take on this:
I think this could be construed as a request for help only after recognizing enough defeat in his own life but there's an apprehensiveness from Aaron to not exactly want that help just yet. Perhaps a plea to God? Honestly, I don't know because I don't know what the band thinks about God.

We all have our own crosses to bear in our own lives. I know for me there's times when I think I can handle it all by myself. In the long run, I know I need God.

My Take On This | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Outside performed by Staind

The ability to see through people for who they are and realize when they dump on you that you're not any better.

Aren't we all on the "outside" at times?

my ex cheated on me and i caught her | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song Outside performed by Staind

Three years ago my ex and I joined the military and we going through basic training together at two different bases but we kept in touch like any couple would do. She was sent to fort Jackson in south Carolina for her basic training. After 6weeks of brutal basic training I graduated. I drove up to fort Jackson to her graduate rented a hotel room for the weekend went to pick her up from the base and brought her back to my hotel room. She said she was hungry I went out and bought some food and came back to see her having sex with another guy. That's what this song reminds me of.

The Truth | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song How About You performed by Staind

Who are you in this life? And what have you done to get yourself where you currently are? Who have you followed? And are you ready to be a leader to make things better in the world around you? So play the cards you're dealt in this life and make the world a better place. Hats off to Staind for following through on a very inspirational song.

You have the meaning completely wrong!! | Reviewer: ChelseA
    ------ About the song It's Been Awhile performed by Staind

People idk i u didnt realize this but the actual meaning of the song isnt about relationship issues its about the grief of being an ddict. He was addicted to heroin. " i cannot blame this on my father" it wouldnt make sense to blame love on your father he is talking about his addiction. "The way the candles light your face" (cooking heroin in a spoon) "its been awhile since i could look t myself straight" he is always high and cant even look in the mirror and see straight. I can relate to this very much but the song is about the struggles of being an addict and just messing up over and over instead of getting clean. No offense but i dont know how someone can relate to this song because of their relationship issues because the song is about the struggle of heroin not a relationship

Right in the feels... | Reviewer: Jami
    ------ About the song For You performed by Staind

My mom's mom died when my mom was a little kid. It really messed her up, and she was a terrible parent. I spent my whole childhood hating her and hating being a part of that family. She blamed all of her problems on us (her kids), never apologized *ever* for any of her wrongdoings, and kicked me out when I was 16 even though I hadn't done anything wrong. I came across this song shortly after that point, and it stuck with me. As I've gotten older and spent years trying to get over everything I went through, trying to make sure I'm healthy mentally and not going to pass that abuse on to kids of my own someday, I realized that she grew up without a mom, and had no idea how to be one. I'm now trying to learn to forgive her, but this song just reminds me what a dark place I was in back then, and I don't know if I'll ever really get over it.

Lopez | Reviewer: Marcus Lopez
    ------ About the song Zoe Jane performed by Staind

Awesome!!! Since the first time I heard this song, it reminds me of the bond my daughter and I have. Her wedding is coming up and we are playing this song for our Father/ Daughter dance.....................

It wasn't meant to be. | Reviewer: Arianne
    ------ About the song Everything Changes performed by Staind

Actually, I did NOT know about this song until my guy ask me if I knew the song... then I listnened to it. It was meant for me. We are both married but our partners are not with us. We already had a chemistry when we first met. We tried to pushed away the disturbing thought. We tried just to be friends but as we go along we found ourselves falling for each other until one night we kissed and it was really nice. For 8 years of marriage, I have never thought I would like a kiss from another guy. We talked about it the other day and we continued being sweet to each other like normal couple but our conscience was bothering us and we started getting jealous of me to his wife and him to my husband. We fight and sometimes hurt each other until we stop. This became a cycle.. I always push him away but we kept finding ourselves back again and again. until one day I said I couldnt take it anymore beacause im becoming more and more inlove with him but we know deep inside we'll never be together forever because we both want the best for our own child. We couldnt break their hearts for our selfish reasons. I told him goodbye for real but he never said goodbye.. but I know its over. it hurst because I really did love him but its not right..we cant turn back the time.. I am moving on and im getting better each day because now when I think of him I start to smile and thought it was great and was real..EVERYTHING CHANGES

I can relate | Reviewer: Piglit482
    ------ About the song It's Been Awhile performed by Staind

I can't say anything like those other people did... About having a big long relationship or anything... It was almost 3 months long longest I've ever had and well it was a great relationship... And he broke up with me because he had said we hadn't had too much in common... But it was the best relationship I've ever had and now weeks later I still miss the feel of his arms around me as we hugged, the taste of his lips.. And well I have NEVER written as many stories or poems because if something and now it's dozens and dozens and well it's hard to go around with a smile... I love to sing and dance and write and well now I can't sing songs without my thoughts drifting back to him or do anything without him sneaking his way into my mind... And I always move on and brush it off but this time I just can't... And well it really sucks I guess I can't really explain to anyone how it feels but I know that you know what I mean... I was in love with him and didn't realize it until he was gone and now I just want him back but I know he wouldn't want to because of everything so I thought of this song right now as I was texting him and... And well it sums it up pretty good... Ah fuck why am I ranting on... Idk but well I love this song

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