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Soilwork Stabbing The Drama Lyrics

Last updated: 01/10/2013 01:53:52 PM

My declaration hurts, just wanna stab it right now!
Congratulations, you've found yourself
Been preaching too many times to our hysterical minds
So won't you fucking behave yourself...
It's all in there, without despair
So you've saved your soul?
It always depends who will deliver
Have you ever known
Such a beautiful mind that gives you shelter

I'm waiting for something to show,
I might as well...
Just drag me down so low!

I'm down the drain and I've got nothing to fear
With a polluted mind
I had my share of losing
Don't you ever cross that line
So you've saved your soul?
It always depends who will deliver
Have you ever known
Such a beautiful mind that gives you shelter.

Break the record, in a second, cherish your mental weapons
Watch the progress from an aspect that's stabbing the drama inside..

I'm waiting for something to show,
I might as well...
Just drag me down so low!
I'm aiming for something to show,
My punishment
For being down so low!

I can't believe how it used to be,
Selfish minds were abusing me
Self pity and determined to crawl
Manipulation of a merciful - soul!

[Solo: Frenning]

I'm waiting for something to show,
I might as well...
Just drag me down so low!
I'm aiming for something to show,
My punishment
For being down so low!

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Fools. | Reviewer: John Steel | 1/10/13

Nothing is "more metal" than another thing in the metal genre. You seriously don't realize the fallacies you're speaking?
That's the same as going to a friend's house, seeing his cat and saying "MY CAT IS MORE CAT THAN YOUR CAT!". How do you people even take these things seriously? Some like Metallica others like this. Either way, advising people to listen to "good metal" is only doing worse. If anything, advise in the same genre dammit. About time these taste wars end, it's almost as irrational as racism.

amazing | Reviewer: vendettaprayer | 4/27/12

It has been a while since this song has been released and it is still one of the most amazing songs by the band. This band is fantastic. I won't go comparing genres either, because you can't. Every genre is different. Some genres are better than others and that is still based off of personal opinion. Calling different groups of people or music fags because they differ from your personal preferences really showcases your intelligence. Words like that make plenty of people want to disregard your narrow-minded, hate fueled comment. Learn to appreciate different things in life.

fags | Reviewer: matt | 1/17/12

whoever thinks soilwork is more metal than metallica is a fucking stroke. metallica has done everything picture perfect. soilwork has a few good songs. metallica has been doing it since the early 80's. wow. i love how people hate on metallica because they were thrash then changed there tune. personally pantera is the best metal band ever formed. didn't give a fuck about trends they were there own trend fuck trends in music man. if it sounds good listen to it. to say you only like a certain kind of metal your a fag.

If only... | Reviewer: Kazraïv Ledlantrion | 6/8/10

.. everyone believed in the principals, that are shown in the lyrics...

... then I wouldn't have to write about this, in which case the world would suck, because it isn't as it is now.

People, come to peace with the fact, that you-can-not-change every-damn-thing in the entire world, face it! of course you can try.. bur why waste time, doing something that is proven impossible?
keep yourself busy to keep your mind from killing itself. Or as Slartibartfast said it: "I'd rather be happy than right any day." I always add a "get the hell back to work", to help others get over it.

Life sucks, so what? I'm enjoying it!

rawraroo, you're an idiot. | Reviewer: Jay | 3/24/10

Heavy metal was not all about the screams. Look at Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. Look at Motorhead and Black Sabbath. THAT is Heavy Metal. You IDIOT. Metallica were Thrash Metal (one of the big 4, look it up). "Deeper growls followed by high pitch ones" generally applies to BLACK metal, not DEATH metal. There's a difference. In Flames are a great melodic death metal band, but I would never call them "the best" despite their role in defining the genre. There are many Melodic Death metal bands that are way better technically (in terms of technical skill) than In Flames.

And Killswitch Engage? Really? (It shows your email)

Stop talking as if you know anything about metal, you're not fooling anyone.

Now go play with your dolls or something, little girl. Grown-ups are talking.

Good is Good | Reviewer: Just another dude | 2/9/10

I think what makes an artist or band good is one that cannot be placed in a predefined "genre".

Soilwork is original and they make me want to kick the hell out of high school punks in a mosh pit. If you feel it in your heart, you feel it. I like extreme, and that is Soilwork.

If Feeling Music = Good, and Soilwork = Feeling Music, then by the laws of mathematics Soilwork = Good.

Oh my god... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/09

This is so pathetic arguing about what band is best and what genre it is, melodic death metal, metalcore, what is real melodic death metal and whatever.
You can't say a band is better then the other, it's all about personal taste, you can say YOU think it's better but the world doesn't consist of you.
About the genre, who the fuck cares what they are and what they were and so on, if you like what you here fucking listen to it.

No comparison | Reviewer: Me | 4/21/09

If you wanna start comparing, I'm not a fan of most of the bands you listed up there and I say that you can't recognize the musical effort in it. If they wanted to do something else, yeah it's up to them and oh well.

I really love Soilwork but I won't thrash on Metallica and try to say one is better beside the other. It's not the same musical style and they're not playing the same songs. This is just different.

Yeah Metallica used to be way better before, and they changed group members too often. The original Metallica members were the best. R.I.P Cliff Burton and I'm so sad Dave Mustaine left even if he made Megadeth that actually rocks. I like Kirk Hammeth but he's not Dave Mustaine. Once again, I can't compare both of them because it's a question of taste.

Metallica and real metal | Reviewer: Sean | 3/8/09 says that Metallica is better than Soulwork has some issues...sure they may have popularized metal and were one of the first metal bands or whatever you want to say about them, but (I'm not a Metallica fan) after the album before the Black Album, they started to suck. If you want good metal/metalcore, listen to Anthrax, As I Lay Dying, At The Gates, Behemoth, Bullet For My Valentine, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Children of Bodom, Chimaira, Dark Tranqulity, DevilDriver, Dimmu Borgir, Dream Theater, Dry Kill Logic, Dying Fetus, Exodus, Goatwhore, Gojira, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Machine Head, Mastodon' Megadeth, Meshuggah, Nile, Norther, Scar Symmetry, Slayer, Sonic Syndicate, Strapping Young Lad, Threat Signal, and Whitechapel (yeah whatever they're deathcore, so what?). I would say that at least half of those bands are wayyyy better than Metallica is now. Their first 3 or so albums were good, like ...And Justice for All and Ride the Lightning. I'm not saying that Metallica sucks, I'm just saying that they are over rated and that they used to be better. I hate Death Magnetic.

LOL | Reviewer: rawraroo | 1/15/09

LOL! your all sooooo funny... first of all Soilwork... Best melodic death metal band following in flames!!! and so u all know all these bands have evolved into a heavier metal genre. MEtallica was not ehavy metal they were metal.... metal alone heavy metal actually has deep screams. death metal is for the hardcores who like hearing even deeper screams with super high pitched ones following.

Metalcore or not? | Reviewer: Mads | 1/15/09

Well.. this band started out as Melodic death, for sure. But in time they have turned more and more Metalcore-like. just an example the clean vocals is actually not often seen in the original Melodic death. In flames album Lunar Strain, Soilworks Chainheart Machine, and the most of At the gates is as pure melodeath as it can be, and kinda without the clean vocals.

Great song. | Reviewer: Unknown | 1/4/08

This is truely one of the best songs of this band but I kinda find Nerve the best followed by The Crestfallen. This band is supposed to melodic death metal, so its obvious you will have chorus music with screaming and if you dont like it, then I guess you should listen to something else. Metallica wasnt death metal, they were heavy metal, death metal and black metal are the heaviest of the heavy metal genre. I am inclined to agree that Hip-hop and rap is just for punks, these songs are for real men.

Majzl is right on this, | Reviewer: Gavv | 9/22/07

Its Melodic death meatal, combination of Growling and singing. Soilwork has managed to find a great mix in this song. For those who complain its tuneless power chords you clearly can't play a guitar.. If you think your into metal and complain about this, go listen to Behemoth. If you like it, then you know enough about metal to say anything about this song.

Great | Reviewer: Kurt | 5/13/07

Great song by an amazing band. Not one of their best but very good. Listen to Nerve if you want the best song off that album.

... | Reviewer: Huba | 4/24/07

this is Metalcore, nothing more, its a good song, but one with the flyes is always a good song...

Listening to Hip-Hop music turns you into a fucking idiot!!!