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Now we’re broken on the floor,
She just wants me to share her.
It hasn’t been this way before,
She just wants me to dare her.

The phone rings (The phone rings),
And she screams:
"Stab my back,
It’s better when I bleed for you.
Walk on me,
There never was enough to do."

I can’t get past her,
Falling faster,
It's true.
It hasn’t done a lot for you.

And every time he held you close,
Yeah, were you thinking of me?
When I needed you the most,
Well I hope that you’re happy.

The phone rings (The phone rings),
When she screams:
"Stab my back,
It’s better when I bleed for you.
Walk on me,
There never was enough to do."

I can’t get past her,
Falling faster,
It's true.
It’s better when I bleed for you.


I hope that love he gave you,
Was just enough to save you.
You nearly broke my heart,
Just look at what you’re tearing apart!

Stab my back,
It’s better when I bleed for you.
Walk on me,
There never was enough to do.

I can’t get past her,
Falling faster,
It's true.
It hasn’t done a lot for you.

It’s better when I bleed for you.
It never was enough to do.
It hasn’t done a lot for you.

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Damn | Reviewer: JustMe | 11/29/11

I think this is how my boyfriend feels.. Unlike many of you girls, *I* am the one who has caused the pain.. That is why I love him so much, he accepts all my ugly ugly horrible faults. No matter what I do, he wants to work through it with me.. After hearing this song, I feel even worse than I already do. I am loyal to him now, but it can't take away the pain we both feel. He confessed that the wounds I caused him still sting. I do anything and everything I can to keep him happy, but I guess he will always just expect me to mess up. For him, it's better that I stab him in the back. ]]]:

Goes amazing with my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/09

This is perfect for me right now, because I'm in love with this guy but he originially used me to make his ex jealous and backstabbed me a couple of times since we can't see each other much. But I'd rather have him stab me in back even with all that he has done to me, surprising right?

I'm also in love with the music and beat in this song, not just with the lyrics that fit with my life at the moment

Story of my life. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/09

This song perfectly describes my situation! My best friend ever (ex best friend now ....) ended up going out with my ex boyfriend who I cared about alot, after she knew how bad it hurt me. And currently, the guy likes us both and wishes we could be with us both because he likes us both equally so he says., but you know how that works; he's still with her. And now I'm left like this. And in this situation I was the mature person and didn't hate ethier one of them, I have too much of a big heart -_- and I guess well, this song would be A way to tell them both how I feel, symbolically. :\ i truely do love you<3

teehee | Reviewer: Karla | 4/17/09

totty toot!
i heart this song and it reminds me of a guy that i have went out with two times and he cheated on me once but my life is dedicated to him and i cant help it :'[ i still love him and many other people tell me he still loves me.

wow. | Reviewer: :D | 2/5/09

wow, this is happening to me now.

i keep losing my guy i need, i need him bad. and i want you back soooo badD:

so this guy i like a lot, he liked me a lot and the next day he had a girlfriend. and when i hear this wong, it remindes me of him. and i cryD:

i miss you baby!
i'm still here<3

love it... | Reviewer: mimi cullen hale | 12/5/08

yes i loved it too i also saw it on stephenie meyer site andithink this is jacob thinkin of bella and edward...because jacob washaving a hard time but well I LOVED EDWARD CULLEN so its grate bella choose him!

Mrs Edward Cullen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/08


I love this song too.
I also scabbed it from Stephenie Meyer's site XD
It really is fitted for Edward thinking of Jake & Bella. I can only imagine how the jealousy was burning him up while he tried to hide it. Poor thing!

love edward cullen and this song! | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/11/08

oh my god i just got this song on my ipod. but i really got this song from stephanie myers' website and it has playlists for all the books and this song was from twilights playlist. i think it really relates to jacob and bella. i luv edward though!

the phone rings... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

i love this song.
its a bit of a bummer.
i did the same things that girl did in the song.
the worst part is that everything hes telling her, he told me.

Love it | Reviewer: sydney | 1/1/08

Mizu you are thinking EXACTLY what I was thinking*teartear* I love this song and AAR...COME BACK TO US PLEASE!!!! This is one of my favorite songs...

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