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Genesis Squonk Lyrics

Last updated: 09/13/2014 05:57:19 PM

afLike father like son
Not flesh nor fish nor bone
A red rag hangs from an open mouth.
Alive at both ends but a little dead in the middle,
A-tumbling and a-bumbling he will go.
All the King's horses and all the King's men
Could never put a smile on that face.

He's a sly one, he's a shy one
Wouldn't you be too.
Scared to be left all on his own.
Hasn't a, hasn't a friend to play with, the Ugly Duckling
The pressure on, the bubble will burst before our eyes.
All the while in perfect time
His tears are falling on the ground

Go a little faster now, you might get there in time.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
His heart was broken long before he ever came to you.
Stop your tears from falling,
The trail they leave is very clear for all to see at night
all to see at night.

In season, out of season
What's the difference when you don't know the reason.
In one hand bread, the other a stone.
The Hunter enters the forest.
All are not huntsmen who can blow the huntsman's horn
By the look of this one you've not got much to fear.

Here I am, I'm very fierce and frightening
Come to match my skill to yours.
Now listen here, listen to me, don't you run away now
I am a friend, I'd really like to play with you.
Making noises my little furry friend would make
I'll trick him, then I'll kick him into my sack.
You better watch out... You better watch out.

I've got you, I've got you, you'll never get away.

Walking home that night
The sack across my back, the sound of sobbing on my shoulder.
When suddenly it stopped,
I opened up the sack, all that I had
A pool of bubbles and tears - JUST A POOL OF TEARS.

All in all you are a very dying race
Placing trust upon a cruel world.
You never had the things you thought you should have had
And you'll not get them now,
And all the while in perfect time
Your tears are falling on the ground.

The Squonk is of a very retiring disposition and due to its ugliness, weeps constantly. It is easy prey for hunters who simply follow a tear-stained trail. When cornered it will dissolve itself into tears.
True or False?

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All in all you are a very dying race.... | Reviewer: Ronald/Los Angeles | 9/12/14

This song, released in 1976 on the first Genesis album without Peter Gabriel (Trick of the Tail), remains, to me, one of the best songs to come out of the golden age of progressive rock (before Genesis itself left that genre). Melody, lyrics, feel. An underappreciated (then and now)tune, it's one of those songs that's best listened to sitting quietly somewhere with your eyes closed. It transports me at every listen.

Squonk | Reviewer: Annie | 4/27/13

According to an interview with the band, that I watched years and years ago, Peter left nearly without warning. He passed them on the street, just outside the studio. He jogged passed them saying something like, "Hey guys, I quit the band. Bye!" According to Phil Collins' account, he and the others were rather stunned. By the description of this event, it sounded like a situation where the band had to recover from it rather than one in which they had asked him to leave, so they could go about their business. Back then, it seemed, very few people even noticed the transition, in part, because Collins' and Gabriel's voices were so similar. Clearly, though, Collins had a better stage presence and connection with the audience. It's very true, though, that without Gabriel and Hacket, as well, the music and vision changed quite significantly. Genesis with Gabriel, was deeply spiritual. (obviously, with a biblical name like that) When "Then There Were Three" came out, it was very frustrating to listen to new fans talk of the band, not knowing what Genesis was like before that album. There had been so much more to the band than that album reflected. "Duke" seemed to revive some of that earlier richness and ethic.

I first saw them during their "Trick of the Tail Tour," in Dec '77 - my first concert, ever. Too young to drive, I took money I'd saved, bought 2 tickets and offered one to an older friend to drive us, both. Genesis seemed like gods. Their presence was large and very much unlike a pop band. I was probably the youngest attendee, as no one my age, or close to it, had ever heard of them. Pure bliss.

I was rather surprised at how thin, struggling, and hungry Phil appeared to be. It was obvious he was the most junior member of the band. He and several other drummers had to try-out and he was selected. It was very clear, during the concert, that Banks and Rutherford were the quiet yet strong leaders while Phil was their front man. He worked his butt off, on stage, acting out the parts of every song he sang. Certainly, Genesis was not about him. It never seemed that way, at all. Later, as a band, they also had a unique arrangement whereby, they allowed one another to go solo with their own albums, but when it came to a Genesis concert, it was purely Genesis and Phil's solo songs or Mike's "Mike and the Mechanics" songs were noticeably omitted.

"Squonk" ...omigod, "Squonk" This concert WAS in Pennsylvania. Somewhere, long into the performance, they played the first two bars and the crowd of 20,000 went nuts, recognizing it. YOU know ...that Genesis-sounding crowd that would cheer in unison, where everyone sounded like they were saying, "Errrrrr" together. Genesis played it so powerfully that the bass rocked my body from the inside, out. I was very close to the stage and it was almost as though the music registered in your brain, not from your ears, but rather, from your core. No exaggeration.

Can you FEEL it?! I'm talking, this concert beGAN with "The Eleventh Earl of Mar" !!

One can imagine: with Genesis having been my first concert ever, my standards for what a great concert would be, were set very high, from that night, on.

....just a bit of rock history.
Thanks for reading.


A Tear Jerker | Reviewer: Mike D | 6/15/12

Musically Complex as most Genesis tunes of that era (an era that is sorely missed as music is no longer an art but a commodity). I have been called Mr. Spock due to my lack of outward emotion but the lyrics coupled with the music brought tears to my eyes. Maybe I'm becoming a Squonk!!

Squonk - a mythic tale or a parable of international banking? | Reviewer: garvin dinsdale | 11/30/11

Squonk - the name is vulgar, the lyrics are tragic and the music is beautiful, somehow they all coalesce into much, much more than the sum of the parts.

Squonk's focus on a beast who's best trait is its constant crying, its bubbles and pools of tears, bears a remarkable resemblance to the banking system of the last 25 years. Bubbles and tears.

A delicious song that still delights though many years has passed since pen met paper and voice and instruments met tape.

An entire cover album is waiting to be recorded, just other bands covering this song in different genres. A hip-hop squonk? What if Prince made a funky love song version? The mind reels....

Probably one of the best rock songs ever | Reviewer: Tommy | 6/5/11

I'm usually a listener or a more heavy metal genre, however, this song has probably some of the best melodies, rhythms, and hooks I have ever heard in any song. For me I don't get the lyrics and story line, but the instrumentation is remarkable. I can't help but to hear this song over and over again. I like Peter Gabriel, but I think they did just fine when they became three.

I love Genesis But... | Reviewer: Ethics are Paramount | 11/11/10

What a disaster. This is that, which was the sign of what was to follow; musically not much of a let down, but lyrically in the gutter. No moral compass here at all. It's obvious that Peter is no longer their lyric writer.

These lyrics were taken from an old mythical tale originating in the Hemlock forests of Pennsylvania, USA in the latter 1800's. The epilogue, as well as all the parts added by Genesis, is focused on the fears of the poor tortured Squonk, and not the treachery of the hunter. If it were I that adlibbed the story, the hunter's folly would have been the moral.

As the epilogue, I would have had the Hunter seeing his reflection in it's tears change into a Squonk as some of them touched his hand, then as a tear trickles down his cheek, he drops the sack running back into the forest with the approaching sound of a hunters horn. Poetic justice!

To me this is a much more powerful message and is something Peter would have done, as it’s in keeping with prior Genesis lyrics and Peter’s solo career.

Let's face it, the Progressive attitude of Genesis died with the loss of Peter Gabriel, and that was its roots and its most endearing quality. What followed was just the surfing on the wave that the Peter lead Genesis had created, which eventually propelled Phil into his Pop stardom. I would say that after Peter left, Genesis never gained any altitude and that Phil merely allowed for a slow controlled decent.

The song that changed it all... | Reviewer: Bob/Westfield, NJ | 10/1/07

This was actually the song that convinced not only his bandmates, but Phil Collins himself, that he could actually take the reigns from Peter Gabriel, immediately ending the search for a new lead man. It's a powerful song and one of the best "story" songs genesis ever recorded. Written by the guitarist of the group, it features one of Mike Rutherford's best performances on doubleneck bass/electric with booming bass pedals. He was always good at this, but realy shines on this album. The sound and melody carried all the way into Los Endos, the final instrumental on the album, which became a huge in-concert hit as well. This became the blueprint for several other album-enders on "And Then there were Three", and "Duke". All in all, a pivotal moment for the band.

Brilliant!!!! | Reviewer: Dave/Liberty Hill,TX | 9/1/07

A brilliant piece of craftsmenship by a truly talented group of musicians. The level of detail is astonishing as it is also responsible for the enduring success of this song. Forget "the phil collins show" material of the '80s. Squonk is the bell weather song of the prog rock movement of the 70s. What would it sound like if Peter was still with the band at the time of the recording, Hmmmm? Please consider that the most popular version of the song is also from a live concert tape. Enough.
Go listen and decide for yourself.