Squeeze Lyrics

FORMED: 1974

To call Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook masters of a
thousand melodies is to do them a discredit. Since
embarking on what's become one of the most fruitful
partnerships in the history of pop songwriting neatly
twenty years ago, the duo has written well over 1000 songs
together. But seldom havethey been as perfectly
synchronized as on Some Fantastic Place. Squeeze's twelfth
album - and a triumphant return to A&M.

"For the first time ever, we sat down in the same room and
wrote most of the songs together," Difford say of More...

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Review about Squeeze songs
UK TV Connection | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cool for cats performed by Squeeze

From Wikipedia I learn that the song is named after a UK TV show. Then I recognise references to two other TV shows - "The Sweeney" and "The Likely Lads". How many more are there that I've missed?

Difford & Tilbrook's favorite | Reviewer: jplumley
    ------ About the song Some Fantastic Place performed by Squeeze

Both Difford & Tilbrook have said in interviews and on stage that this is their favorite song in their impressive catalog. Very touching song about someone who was (and is) very close to their hearts who passed much too soon before their time. After a solo show, Tilbrook was kind enough to listen to a similar story from my family and autograph above these lyrics (to my sister and a then unknowing 3 year old who lost their husband/father) that "Some Fantastic Place" is there. I hope they're right. Great song and sentiment. Hopefully, someday, these guys will get the recognition they deserve.

Hilarious!! | Reviewer: Caz Hutchins
    ------ About the song Cool for cats performed by Squeeze

This song makes me laugh so much! I love it the lyrics are so funny, as is everything about it really. Their voices, everything, this is a great song.

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