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Spoon has three members, but frontman Britt Daniel wears so
many hats (guitarist, producer, songwriter, singer, barker,
yeller, strutter, warbler, cooer) that it sounds more like
11. That’s not to say Spoon songs are particularly
intricate (they're not), but when the cuts are taut and
rigid (which they often are), it's Daniel's voice that
navigates the tight corners. Daniel and drummer Jim Eno,
whose fill-happy style is another essential component of
the sound, formed Spoon in 1992 in Austin, Texas, signing
with the indie stalwart More...

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Review about Spoon songs
bigger perspective | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Summon You performed by Spoon

I think they mean "get off" to mean exculpate, unburden -- not sex! Even if you have a girlfriend who can comfort you, that does not take away the crimes you committed. It does not "get you off."

I think it parallels love AND politics, and reminds me of a down-and-out guy who, even though he's technically "free" is trapped by social and political stigma and due to this, doesn't have a chance at love.


iknownothing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Beast And Dragon Adored performed by Spoon

i was hearing it as staying true even after all your freinds move away or "grow up". wanting another crew like when you were young and having fun , and how hard it is to stay like that in this world right now . doesnt come easy, could be cocaine or both ?

people read into things way too much | Reviewer: seriously pj?
    ------ About the song The Underdog performed by Spoon

"arrogance of a generation (americans ofcourse)"

Maybe the song is speaking to discriminative people like you pj. You assume all americans are arrogant instead of going on a case by case basis. Thats the same mindset hitler had toward the jews is it not? Disguisting.

simple | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Summon You performed by Spoon

It's simply about being stressed out about the mistakes the writer's made in life and he carries that weight with him. His only escape is his lover, but they don't have a real relationship so every time she leaves it's a "cold goodbye".

Another idea | Reviewer: Keith
    ------ About the song I Summon You performed by Spoon

I think this could actually be a song about ... masturbation?

"I need a release" ?
"but that don't get me off" ?
"I summon you here, my love"

Sounds to me like the weight of the world is just the overbearing stress of life. Hard to stay out of trouble, people willing to sell you out, and any moment you could lose your freedom.

Perhaps the way for the writer to escape from it is to think of someone; maybe it's a real person; maybe it's an idealized fantasy. But I think it's the thought of that person that he is summoning to his imagination or fantasy.

Awesome guitar breaks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Beast And Dragon Adored performed by Spoon

Awesome song, though I suspect it is about cocaine and/or some kind of opiate? Who cares, it rocks! The guitar breaks are both genius and enchanted! Maybe I'm reading too much in to lyrics like "a crew that can......sneeze and sniff" and "been watching my friends move away and summon my love back to me" and "I got a feeling and it didn't come cheap... I got a feeling and it got to me.". However, it could just be as simple as love" but then is the reference if forgetting my pen referencing writing lyrics (love) or snorting coke?

its obviously love | Reviewer: hey
    ------ About the song I Summon You performed by Spoon

its like the pressures of relationship and commitment along with trying to look out for yourself, and and one point was not ready l 'that you can give is a cold goodbye' but obviously now he is begging the universe to reunite them because he knows he can deal with all the pressure

NOT POLITICAL, GOD'DAM!!! | Reviewer: xxroyalxxscumxx
    ------ About the song I Summon You performed by Spoon

There is an esthetic manner of approaching songs & lyrics in which an indept, piece-by-piece, detailed analysis becomes a hinderance.
"Confusing" lyrics come directly from poetry (think Caroll, from "Alice trough the mirror" or like the "all work & no play makes Jack a dull boy" bit in Kubric's "The shining", POE'S RAVEN IS NOT REALLY A GOOD EXAMPLE though), words are not used for storytelling or propaganda, but for pinpointing & expressing subtler thoughts, such as feelings, passions, fixations or obsessions.

In such terms, this song is not specifically a love song (as much as it goes for lyrics genres) just because one cannot identify clear subjects. In generals terms though, this song is about feelings of love. The difference lies in the "subject" of the song, who is it for, or about.

IT'S NOT POLITICAL because it's not clear about it, you could say it is a thing of style and subterfuge, but nowadays that kind of concealment symbolism is not necessary, hence, not effective for use in political statements (craps down on conspiracy theories I know, but REALLY, YOU WANT BAD STUFF SAID BOUT THE GOVERNMENT: just check out the news, ANY NEW SHOW is uncovering "interesting" stuff bout our rulers)

A love song in this term would be something of the sort of "Heroes" from Bowie, a "love-story". "I summon you" works in the space of poetry, through literary & sensual metaphors, searches for equivalents between words & diffuse concepts or feelings, such as justice or love.

Long story short, "love-stories" are "movie-like" narration, on the opposite side "about feelings of" songs like "I summon you", are to be understood emotionally, not rationally.

It's "political" | Reviewer: Gil
    ------ About the song I Summon You performed by Spoon

I don't think it's a love song, I know that much. At least I certainly hope it isn't. If it is, I don't want to know. I prefer just enjoying the mystery and poetry of it. It's not a love song, strictly speaking. It can't be. There's no way.

But as to what sort of emotions and longings and such inspired the song, I would guess it's that wistful, lonely, dark sort of thing any person of feeling and honesty might experience in contemplation of the developments of the last eight years, and just timeless human folly more generally.

Altogether it's a remarkably beautiful and compelling song and the melancholy of both the words and the music in concert really tug on the heart strings.

I feel like the hazy sketch that is drawn attempts to create fleeting and delicate postmodern-type images, if you will, of weakness in the face of power, and by extension, simply of indifferent fate, whatever form it happens to take; and phrases like "strapped-up soldiers" and "nickel bribes" effectively convey as much, with an elusive but unmistakable pathos; and while I personally would consider it difficult to point to strict metaphors or especially specific representation in the verbal imagery, on the whole, the lyrics, along with tune, are very affecting; and the fact that it could be construed a love song may not be an accident, as such, and helps soften the mood a bit, and just fits in gently with the haunting chord changes and arrangement and the mood and tone. There becomes a passive, feminine presence that offsets the vulgar and violent other and establishes, with a cool tenderness, the ultimate doom of the protagonist, such as she is. Yes. LOL!

I like to think that modern songwriters rely more on intuition and inspiration than honed craft and pedantic technique, and so I like to interpret along those same lines.

In any case, a very great song from a very great band. One certainly doesn't need to know any of the particular backstory to be deeply touched by it.

Social Separation.... | Reviewer: Nik
    ------ About the song I Summon You performed by Spoon

I have to agree it's about love... my love... summon... Possibly lovers in time of war from opposite sides. At peace they were friends, when war began they became foes... Love from the wrong side of the tracks sorta speak. Travelling away from the law who would not allow it, society that wouldn't understand. Mother's eye represents all the worries in the world that inhibit the two as they fight for one another. The only form of communication to keep their love alive, a cough, a sign... it's all they had... the only thing they can do in public is look into each others eyes and give a cold goodbye so that society doesn't throw them into a cage for going against the norm... But to touch, to touch, to love, make love, it'll never happen but a cough will do... He's telling her I need you... appear my love-

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