Spoon Albums

  • They Want My Soul Album (8/5/2014)
    Rent I Pay
    Inside Out
    Rainy Taxi
    Do You
    Knock Knock Knock
    They Want My Soul
    I Just Don t Understand
    Let Me Be Mine
    New York Kiss

  • Transference Album (1/19/2010)
    Before Destruction
    Is Love Forever?
    The Mystery Zone
    Who Makes Your Money
    Written In Reverse
    I Saw The Light
    Trouble Comes Running
    Goodnight Laura
    Out Go The Lights
    Got Nuffin
    Nobody Gets Me But You

  • Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Album (7/7/2007)
    Don't Make Me A Target
    The Ghost Of You Lingers
    You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
    Don't You Evah
    Rhthm & Soul
    Eddie's Ragga
    The Underdog
    My Little Japanese Cigarette Case
    Finer Feelings
    Black Like Me

  • Gimme Fiction Album (5/10/2005)
    The Beast And Dragon, Adored
    The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine
    I Turn My Camera On
    My Mathematical Mind
    The Delicate Place
    Sister Jack
    I Summon You
    The Infinite Pet
    Was It You?
    They Never Got You
    Merchants Of Soul
    Carryout Kids

  • Kill The Moonlight Album (8/20/2002)
  • Girls Can Tell Album (2/20/2001)
  • Love Ways Album (10/24/2000)
  • A Series Of Sneaks Album (5/5/1998)
  • Soft Effects Album (1/21/1997)
  • Telephono Album (4/1/1996)

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