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Continuing with a pattern of non-stop touring and the
recording of increasingly diverse records, Spoken will
release their new album “A Moment of Imperfect Clarity” on
September 2nd 2003 on Tooth and Nail Records.

On “A Moment of Imperfect Clarity” Spoken enlisted the
talents of veteran rock producer GGGarth (Rage Against the
Machine, Chevelle, Trapt), to create a sonic landscape that
is as accessible as is original and diverse. The song
writing on “A Moment of Imperfect Clarity” showcases a more
mature side of Spoken than on their More...

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Review about Spoken songs
Thank You Spoken | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Calm The Storm performed by Spoken

This song says so much and inspires me when going through difficult times. Thank you Spoken for writing songs that speak directly to people, encourage them, and give hope!

Road Life | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Sleep Well Tonight performed by Spoken

I think this song is basically about the fact that they're (the band) is constantly on the road but the singer conveys the fact that he misses them and loves them and can't wait to be home.

    ------ About the song Promise performed by Spoken

God makes a promise. A promise saying that says you might think that you're going nowhere in life. You may feel lonely and no one understands you, but His promise says things will get better.

Where One Draws the Line | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Learning To Forget performed by Spoken

I think the singer is talking about a relationship he broke off with someone who was going in a different direction in life. Possibly someone who was just a bad influence and that the singer saw something that he knew himself that he couldn't change.

Follow God No Matter What | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song A Breath In The Fog performed by Spoken

Keep your eyes on God no matter how the situation bears down on you and realize that if you don't get what you ask for in this life know that God has a future in heaven if you follow Him. Let no burdensome memories bog you down.

Doubting Thomas | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Falling Further performed by Spoken

Aren't we all "doubting Thomas's" in our own lives at times? The message is clear and it is more than awesome that a band such as Spoken can take that message and speak it in their words here.

The Year The Singer Got Saved | Reviewer: Chris Peters
    ------ About the song 1992 performed by Spoken

In my opinion, by reading the lyrics, I think this song is titled 1992 because the singer got saved in this year. I could be wrong, but hey, just a stab.

    ------ About the song Calm The Storm performed by Spoken

Gee weez, well as sure as a baby drinks milk, this song is more than stellar as its just one of those songs that speaks directly to the heart of emotions and tries to get one to actually "calm" down and realize where they're at and basically just settle down. Be happy where you're at.

My Take On This | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Wind In My Sails performed by Spoken

This song reminds me of when I would drive a 5 hour drive to visit my then fiance' on snow covered roads and thinking "Am I ever going to get there?" Sheesh, well, I always made it and in retrospect there were more than enough times this song was blasting to remind me to get there safely. My focus was always on getting to her and spending time with her as she was the "wind in my sails" and still is to this day.

Good Version | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Time After Time performed by Spoken

In my opinion, this was a good version of Cyndi Lauper's song. I'm not sure how she feels about it, but Spoken did a good job of adding their hard rock flavor to it.

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