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Saint Etienne Split Screen Lyrics

Last updated: 11/12/2000 08:25:48 PM

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Transcribed by Kevin Hung

Today I got up easy
You know I'm not a morning person
Never said I was leaving
I wasn't sure until this morning

Split screen our apartment
Where you still lie there sleeping
Keep feeling old cafes
He's the one who needs you baby

Will you really miss me
Will you really think about me
Yeah I'd like to think so
But as they say I'm always dreaming

Goodbye to the tower blocks
Last look at the town I'm leaving
Tall buildings and offices
And this all full of memories baby

Now I really don't care
Cause I'm dying to get the sun in my hair
Yeah I really don't care
That I'm here and you're still there
Yeah I really don't care
Cause I'm going to breathe the country air
Yeah I really don't care
But it's OK

I've been driving for ages
Your tapes are starting to bore me
Well I think I should stop now
I'm not sure if I should call you

Split screen our apartment
Where you have seen my letters
Well I know its not Venus
But the scenery's getting better baby

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