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From the ashes of numerous Windy City hardcore bands, the
four members of Spitalfield converged to create a sound
distinctly their own. Interested in playing something more
heartfelt and sincere, founding members Mark Rose
(vocals/guitar) and J.D. Romero (drums) began writing songs
in 1998 that combined their alt/indie rock influences with
pop emphasis and the energy and immediacy of hardcore.
"While we were playing in hardcore bands full-time, our
musical tastes were expanding, and we began to draw
influences from bands like Texas More...

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Reviews about Spitalfield songs

Deal with it. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

Okay, it's actually quite funny that you all consider this something worth fighting over.(With people you don't know...) But anyway, I am what people consider emo, at first glance. And I do listen to emo music, because in my opinion it's good music. But I don't consider myslef or any of my friends emo. We have fun, we laugh, we are normal people. We aren't depressed people who like slitting our wrists. But people in town and cities still call us freaks and emos. But really, a sterotype or a certain style doesn't creat a person, their views and attitude do.

Plus in the 1980s when emo music was founded it was just a softer form of punk.

And I love this song.

Simmmer | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

K i know what you are saying.. but comon its just a song and if you're called emo and it is making you upset or whatever then... talk to someone don't run around rating random lyrics... who cares really (to whoever posted"wtf..."

omg here we go again | Reviewer: MARY-MAKEBELIEVE
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

just for theh record, this all started with one of my comments on little attnetion seekrs who lable themselves emo as an excuse to get attention.

fake problems

and that 'omg im so unique' bullshit.

i love the emo style.

or punk
or whatever you wanna call it.

i love 'emo' music.

and i realise depression/self harm is a serious issue.

i just hate ppl calling themselves emo so they can be all like
yeah my lifes shit im so judged by other opppl and flaunt there cutting.

those kids can do us a favour and next time, cut harder.

for everyone else.


anti-"emo" and your juvenile mind | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

1. posers dont exist. everyone gets a peice of their styles from other people. or get inspired to be what suits them at the time by outside sources. stop being so judgemental and open minded.
2. excessive eyeliner is hot. skinny jeans all the way.. stripes. rad things. and if thats emo, then hells ya.
3. not all "emos" slit their wrists. get over it.
and a lot of people who cut their wrists dont even dress emo durrr.
4. i could go on. but i'm sure the people bitching about emos are too close minded anyway to even get it ;)
k thanks.

wow...This is sad | Reviewer: Ash
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

OK i really didnt see the other posts, but jee bragging about cutting yourself really isnt cool and that 100% doesnt make you emo.. it just makes you a 'poser' as some would say.
Infact im lost now... i dont even know what a 'emo' means any more.. id just say it was if you liked 'emo music' but guess some people on here think other wise...
Thats kinder sad to hear

ok round two | Reviewer: MARY
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

like i said before.

what is with you kids?

i lable my self emo coz it makes me cool?

being emo is NOT about cutting.

i have nothing against people who are depressed, or sad.
nor do i have anything against so called emo music. i love it.

i dress in black, i wear eye liner so what

i dont go round telling people i like slicing my writs or about how fucked up i am.

kids. you dont need to be doing this.

find a better outlet ok?

and stop labelling yourseves....if u KNOW your gonna cop shit...why do it?



thats great | Reviewer: sicko
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

hey this is a geat song and your rite its not baout cutting or anything its just good music and yeh emos have a bad rap and u no wat if u dont like it then dont we dont care about u either and i have acctual problems and i felt i cud relate to this song its gud nice work!!

to all you kiddies who think your so fkn hardcore | Reviewer: MARY MAKE-BELIEVE
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

i'm sitting here reading these comments and hoping to god that half of u kids are kidding.

you all need help.
i get that you feel like shit but what exactly is posting it all over the net gonna do.

deal with your problems, face up to them & ditch theshit heads that are treating you like crap.

oh calling yourself emo is just a way for you to feel like you belong.
how many of yo have REAL problems?

like abuse? or loss? or real psychological issues?

lifes not perfect so suck it up.

that said, i hope you all get better and lead happy lives.

dont judge or critisize if u dnt know! | Reviewer: anonimous emo
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

Some people are wemo, dress like it but dont feel it. my m8s call me wemo coz i act happy wen im round em, but i dont just dress it. u dont know whats going on in someones life, coz freinds and family only see small parts.
emoness i feel is a reflection of my unhappynes.
i get bullied by ppl who r sposed to be my freinds, hw gr8...not, so dnt critisize if u dnt know!! i dont want attention and i dont cut myself much and i certainly dont show it off, y do u think we wer fingerless gloves.
i just want to be left alone, it is my way of trying to blend into the background.
PS. i dnt want sympathy i just want to be left alone and im sure im not the only one, soleave the poor emos alone and only critisize the wemos, thnkyou and goodnight!
******peace out*****

Ye im emo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dramatic Emo Song performed by Spitalfield

Im emo and proud i was bullied all my life this music is a way to get my anger and pain out is that a bad thing?
emo music is saveing me from killing myself not the other way around i wish people understood that so haters fuck up and be greatful your lifes like it is id kill for one better then my own

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