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Did you never gave a damn in the first place,
Maybe it's time you had the tables turned
'Cause in the interest of all involved I got the problem solved
And the verdict is guilty...

Steppin' where you fear to tread
Stop, drop and roll
You were dead from the git-go!
Big mouthfucker, stupid cocksucker
And if you're scared of me now, then you're dumber than I thought
Always is, and never was
Foundation made of piss and vinegar
Step to me, I'll smear ya
Think I fear ya? Bullshit!
Just another dumb punk chompin' at this tit
Is there any way to break through the noise?

Was it something that I said that got you bent?
Gotta be that way if you want it
Sanity, literal profanity hit me!

"Spit it out
All you wanna do is drag me down
All I wanna do is stamp you out" (x2)

Maybe it's the way you gotta spread a lotta rumor fodder
Keepin' all your little spies and leaving when you realize
Step up, fairy
I guess it's time to bury your ass with the chrome
Straight to the dome
You heard me right, bitch, I didn't stutter
And if you know what's good, just shut up and beg, brother
Backstab - don't you know who you're dissin'?
Side swipe,we know the Ass that your kissin'
Bigity-biggidy bitch boy, halfway hauser
Try to out-tone this shit cuz It keeps gettin' louder
Come on, and get a face full 'o tactic
Lipping off hard, going home in a basket
You got no pull, no power, no nothin
Now you start shit?
Well, ain't that something?
Payoffs don't protect, and you can hide if you want
But I'll find you, comin' up behind you!

Spit it out
All you wanna do is drag me down
All I wanna do is stamp you out (x2)

'Bout time I set this record straight
All the needlenose punchin' is making me irate
Sick o' my bitchin' fallin' on deaf ears
Where you gonna be in the next five years?
The crew and all the fools, and all the politix
Get your lips ready, gonna gag, gonna make you sick
You got dick when they passed out that good stuff
Are you sick of me?
Good enough, had enough!

"Fuck me! I'm all out of enemies!" (x8)

"Spit it out
All you wanna do is drag me down
All I wanna do is stamp you out" (x2)

"Spit!" (x4)
Spit... it out!

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Stfu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/13

God damn you lot. Slipknot aren't the best band in the universe and they're not exactly 'holy' but they aren't Satanists. And though I agree with part of what's been said, I have to interject that Dethklok is actually pretty badass. Yes, they're cartoon characters , but the creators actually formed a 'real' Dethklok for live shows. I'm out.

awsome and deep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/13

the 3 words spit it out triggers this thought to me and that is to spit out all the past and all the bad memories inside us which is difficult but thease lyrics help me to do it.
as for the rest of the song absolutly brillant

Slipknot | Reviewer: Fun | 8/11/13

I know that I'm late to this party but, Amber, I'm guessing the reason for your failed hanging is also the reason for your misinformed response. What you are looking for is a noose knot, not a slipknot, no one is hanging themselves with a slipknot. Maybe do some research before your suicide attempts and idiotic posts. Thanks.

Nice song by the way.

Yep, the internet | Reviewer: Gil | 7/14/13

Everyone that's throwing shit back and forth, just fuck off. There's no reason for doing so, Slipknot is Slipknot, love em or hate em, they're here to stay. I'm 22, been listen since I was 14 and know people who are in their 30's and older who enjoy Slipknot. I understand that not everyone does, but really, calling people and the band out is for immature 4 year old's who only just learned of George Carlin's 7 Words. God, makes me feel so good to know I'm related to the same species that just can't get along for 2 seconds without complaining about something completely asinine.

My review, good song, fun, love it live, fast, poppy, aggressive. I think it's a real radio hit.

Insensitive Fuck (RIP Paul Gray) | Reviewer: Deathwish | 1/24/13


Reading WTF u said made me pissed. u don't want me angry.
we're not "balling over the death of paul gray or the rev (had 2 put the rev (Avenged Maggots foREVer)). We may mourn 4 them, but it a natural thing 4 the people we like.you fucking piece of SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And 4 The Record, This song is 4 people like me talking to dickheads like U!



A word of advice | Reviewer: One who have readed these comments | 12/9/12

Dear reader. If you came to this site to just read and enjoy those lyrics then don't start to read these comments here... There are 10 pages of shit storm about people arguing for slipknot and their lyrics. Seriously your good mood will be ruined when you go and read what some of those idiots have wrote... My advice for you would be that after you are done reading these awesome lyrics, leave this site and those idiots and trolls on their own. I know that reading this makes you curious and you want to know what exact there is on those comments. I tell you straight. Some bored trolls first write something shit about Slipknot (like "I'm christian and I hate slipknot because I think they are satanic and stuff and all who listen to them are going to hell!!!"). After that those who likes slipknot are like "WTF DUDE!?" and BOOM shitstorm has been made. Now there is 10 pages exact shit like that down here... so dear reader. Don't ruin your day by reading these comments. Like I did.

sincerely: Your friend

Sad14 yr old. | Reviewer: Wesley | 11/6/12

WHAT THE FUCK?! some sad pussy 14 yr old bitch thinks slipknots scary? so he goes on lyric sites for slipknot, just so he can broadcast how fucking sad he is. i'm 13 and Its not scary. Slipknot is the revolution, Its not going to stop.

real music | Reviewer: metalhead | 6/18/12

everyone at slipknot has a huge heart and they aren.t cheap fucks like all the others, making sellout shit for everyone to eat. if you want to go and listen to some stolen, recycled crap from bruno mars, taylor swift, or other mainstream "music" that.s supposed to be for nice people, go ahead. leave us maggots alone, with music that is actually for people with souls not retarded impostors.

Fuck me I have enough enemies | Reviewer: BigShot44 | 5/25/12

im 14 and this..Slipknot..MASTERPIECE is sweet..i write songs to but i cant ever manage to get close to these awesome lyrics...and btw most lyrics r about his life and the others bout tragic events that happened..but who cares all i care for is their LIVE PERFORMANCE!..theres alot more to Slipknot than the name that other 14 tard

wow,really? | Reviewer: stitchNhell | 5/15/12

So to the sad little 14 year old.seriously wtf.how co evuld a stupid fucking cartoonever compete with the lyrical genius that is corey taylor? Tell me what the meaning is to mermaider?you point out that their name makes no sense,tell me the meaning behind some of dethkloks songs.why the fuck would I listen to some bullshit about coffee?run along u stupid little cocksucker.come back when you mature a little and can form an actual argument against what you hate.btw coming on a site that plays slipknot lyrics just so you can bash them?yeah real mature.no wonder this shit is over your head.

Good song | Reviewer: Dylan | 4/13/12

This is a great song, but i don't know how on earth this got related to satanism. First off, even if Slipknot were saying "You should worship satan" (which they clearly aren't) all that stuff is bullshit anyway, so i don't understand why people can't just enjoy a good song and go listen to Coldplay or something if they think it's "too scary"

You all R Stupid | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/12

First: look up what the spiritual practice of satanism is actually about . . . you'd be surprised. Second, Slipknot doesn't actively practice satanism they just follow it in their daily lives WHICH IS WHAT SATANISM IS its a guideline for your life not a religion. Second: DethKlock is actually a cartoon and not a real band its made up of different people from different bands. And NECRO TAMPON is for fags . . . sorry litte 14 year old but you have actually moved onto worse music and by that i mean an abortion.

Grey Dead | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/12

For you who say they're glad paul grey is dead because he was a "druggie" i hope youre run over by a bus after you learn you have aids because he was part of the backbone that makes slipknot what it is. there wont be a better bassist for a heavy metal band for a long time because he knew how to bring the thump without over reaching.

slipknot, the ship of controversy | Reviewer: Maggot off spring | 4/1/12

People honestly for those who hate these guys: firstly fuck off and get a proper life.secondly, yes even i know some of their music is a bit demonic but honestly that hasn't stopped me from listening to them,they are that good 8-).the song pulse of the maggots spoke to me,it goes to show that if you listen closely enough their, you can see meaning in what they sing.hey and If you are afraid that you will get possesed if you listen just go tochurch and pray dumbass.

really guys? | Reviewer: Amber | 3/22/12

im 14 and unlike most of you, ive moved on to better music: WoRmROt,S.C.A.T.,Anal Cunt,Necro Tampon,and DethKlok.

im glad gray,that drugee, is dead. why? because you fucks are still bawling 2 years after he died!!!!! thats stupid..... so is slipknot...... the name is illogical,almost suggesting that the want to hang themselves,though i have attempted to hang my self so i shoukd shut the fuck up.

and why cant a girl be a nerdy metalhead?


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