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This dark, neo-psychedelic band using the sub-title
Electric Mainline, was formed by Jason Pierce (vocals,
guitar) after his break-up from former writing partner and
Spacemen 3 cohorts Pete 'Sonic Boom' Kember and Mark Retoy
(guitar). Based in Rugby, Midlands, they were actually
inaugurated while Spacemen 3 were still officially active.
Pierce took the remnants of that band with him (Will
Carruthers - bass and Jon Mattock - drums) and added his
girlfriend Kate Radley (organ) . Their first release was a
cover version of theTroggs' More...

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Review about Spiritualized songs
Great song | Reviewer: SpanishJohnny
    ------ About the song Soul On Fire performed by Spiritualized

These are the correct lyrics- Songmeanings skipped a few words.
This is my favorite song by Spiritualized. I've heard it's about either heroin, romance or love for a child, (Jason has experienced all 3) thats the amazing part- The lyrics never tell you which one, which I think is genius. Of course the line "cut through with silver" is probably about heroin, but the song in general may be about his new life- at this point in his life Jason was pretty much clean and had a lovely daughter, poppy (who wrote the intro to "So long you pretty thing" it's an awesome song.)
However, At the time she was born, Jason was still at the 12 steps (a title to one of his songs,) and therefore was a black day, and well, bless her soul!
That's where the metaphor comes in- now that he is clean he feels happy with her, a hurricane inside his veins and he wants to stay forever!
This may not be completely accurate. Anyways, Jason should come to Washington DC

Acid monster | Reviewer: Belse
    ------ About the song Electricity performed by Spiritualized

How does Jason Pearce do it? If you like shrooms you will love this albumm. Electricity is intense, so is this track, a sonic bombardment which connects you to multiple points of light.
Very special album....if your a lover then buy this.
Infinite stars.

Used in "Vanilla Sky" | Reviewer: Tavis Hawke
    ------ About the song Ladies And gentlemen We Are Floating In Space performed by Spiritualized

This music was used in the movie Vanilla Sky when David Aames wanted to know the truth about his life and the events that were unknown or concealed by his "lucid dream".

In both the lyrics and in the movie, truth about life, love, happiness, and the human condition are explored and laid open. It is a raw, emotional and sometimes painful experience... but it liberates beyond the discomfort of the journey.

It does not matter how painful the reality might be, when you discover the truth, it lifts you beyond the the pain and confusion that is woven around so many untruths in life.

Love is one of the most misunderstood words in our language.

True love is that which is spoken of in the bible.
Giving not taking. Not hippy-love or loving inanimate objects, but love from our own kind and our creator.

Love is a sacrifice.
We all need personal contact, we can not survive without having someone show us love. Without that contact, that touch, that holding embrace that gives us something that few can describe.

We were made by a loving creator, our very core design needs to receive his love to live and to radiate it to others. Our short life is craving for that peace and fulfillment that comes from true love. It is real and it is hard to find.

I hope you can experience this love, not a dim copy or fake. We are all floating in space, we are all seeking the same thing.

-Someone who loves us no matter where we are or what we have done.
-hope within our lives despite the turmoil of our everyday life and troubles.
-knowledge that when we it comes to the last breath leaving our body, that we are ready to meet our creator without any fear.

Are you ready for what comes next?

stragedy | Reviewer: dong
    ------ About the song The Twelve Steps performed by Spiritualized

i need lyric of song :''stragedy''- band Steps. I hope you can help to find it . thanks a lot .

X | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Ladies And gentlemen We Are Floating In Space performed by Spiritualized

An exceptional song for the emotions that my friends and I are feeling after losing someone dear to us all.

this song... | Reviewer: Ozone
    ------ About the song Ladies And gentlemen We Are Floating In Space performed by Spiritualized

this is probably the most best song i've every herd
touched me in so many ways

lord can u hear me. | Reviewer: hearte
    ------ About the song Lord Can You Hear Me performed by Spiritualized

is this the same song- used in the film - THE GIRL in the CAFe?
recently on e4?

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