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Meja Spirits Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2002 10:12:53 PM

Light years of hurting
and lifetimes of pain
feelings that haunt you with sorrow
You pushed the limits
by breaking away
we are deciples to follow
You were the light of my life
I磎 left to wonder 碽out that night
when you decided to stop the fight

All I know
Your spirit keeps living within me
wherever I go
Your spirit keeps moving within me
Breaking every law that I know
Your spirit keeps running within me
Your spirit is...........

Higher dimensions
and stars in-between
it磗 easy to hear, you calling
Illusions of life
tell me how could it be
I feel so alive when I磎 falling

I see you
when I close my eyes
walking thru space and time
Climbing the stairs
just to touch the sky


Your spirit is:...........
the wine that I磎 drinking
the tears that I cry(deep in the ocean)
and all I believe in
in these dreams of mine


your spirit is..