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Spirits Having Flown

I never fell in love so easily.
Where the four winds blow I carry on.
I'd like to take you where my spirit flies:
Through the empty skies. We go alone,
Never before having flown.

Faster than lightning is this heart of mine.
In the face of time I carry on.
I'd like to take you where my rainbow ends.
Be my lover friend. We go alone,
Never before having flown.
I am your hurricane, your fire in the sun.
How long must I live in the air?
You are my paradise, my angel on the run.
How long must I wait?
It's the dawn of the feeling that starts
From the moment you're there.
You'll never know what you have done for me.
You've broken all those rules I live upon.
And I'd like to take you to my Shangri-La,
Neither here nor far away from home,
Never before having flown.
I am your hurricane, your fire in the sun.
How long must I live in the air?
You are my paradise, my angel on the run.
How long must I wait?
It's the dawn of the feeling that starts
From the moment you're there.
I'd like to take you where my spirit flies,
Through the empty skies we go alone,
Never before having flown.

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mood lifter | Reviewer: Sanjeev Kakati | 9/18/14

This is one song I would like to hear all through the day for all the energy and sensual singing of the fabulous Bee Gees.
For a while the opening was my ringtone on the mobile.
Having grown in the 70s this song brings a lot of memories
Herbie Mann's flute at the end is so fitting

underrated tune | Reviewer: all Kohlmeier | 1/22/14

I have played this song countless times. whenever I play it I have to listen to it again. I can never play this song just once. having grown up in the 70's, I was so busy listening to Rush, Zeppelin, Springsteen, and all of the other rock music of that era this song somehow passed me by. I agree with all the other reviews here. this is a very magical song. I love listening to it at night with all the stars out. it truly does take you somewhere special. and lyric is really true.

timeless song | Reviewer: patrick lentze | 11/2/13

i bought the album on cassette "spirits having flown" when it came out in 1979. the song is so beautiful and tender like the other songs. oh, the bee gees is one of my favourites of all times. although it didn't became one of their biggest hits in the netherlands where i live, i will cherish it forever. in 1979 i was 16 years old.

Shoulda Gotten More Airtime | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/13

Was jocking disco/rock at a Massachusetts am/fm when this came out around 1979. Although I no longer drive a convertible, I will still roll the windows down and crank up the volume on a sunny summer day whenever I play this song. Still feeling groovy after all these years.

The most magical Bee Gee song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/13

I agree with all comments. This song is magical. I am playing it over and over. Can't believe I have never heard it before 2013. It is pure poetry. Absolutely everything about it is in harmony. It is a sublime example of how beautiful and emotive the strings of the simple guitar can be. I agree with Lee too - definitely one for a wedding!

So beautiful | Reviewer: PracticalDreamer | 3/20/13

This song is just stunning. The softness, the build-up, the poetry. I've been listening to it over and over. I've been familiar with BG songs for years (another GenX), but the more popular ones. So much more to explore. Really enjoyed everyone's comments as well.

Mesmerizing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/13

I totally agree with all the comments - This, in my book, is the absolute best Bee Gees song. It is totally mesmerizing and plays so well at high volume i(which some people may not have appreciated) when totally enveloped in iit's sound to the soaring chorus. I had this on near-roation in my car for about a month not so long back!

The Finest Bee Gees Song Ever? | Reviewer: Leonard | 11/26/12

I agree with all the comments here. The song is a true masterpiece: spiritual, mystical, lyrical and soothing. Takes pop music to a new dimension! Strangely enough it doesn't appear on some BGs compilations, perhaps because it had only limited release as a single. I believe it is Barry Gibb's favourite and so rightly appears as the very first track on "Mythology". Other great BGs songs are "Alone" and "This is where I came in".



This music, the voices and the background music are so exciting and mystical, I can take flight with them and hope no one disturbs me til I land! I like to turn it up loud while I am driving, and then before I know it, I am at my destination refreshed and full of energy. I am 73 years old and still love
good music.

Lasting beauty | Reviewer: Linda | 3/8/12

This has always been my fave of theirs. I'm a Gen Xer so I have very fond memories of their music from childhood. This is now 1 of the songs I sing my daughter to sleep to, hoping she dreams of paradise & angels & Shangri La.
I think what always gets me is the soft, almost whispery, way the verses are sung, then the crescendo of the chorus as the lover is told with such passion what they mean to the singer. It's an insistance, as if life would be unbearable without. We've all felt that kind of love - it's wonderful & joyous & maddening & frightening & beautiful. But it is what we all want, isnt it?

Lee Harman | Reviewer: Lee Hutton | 3/7/12

This song is simply the most soul liberating piece of lyrics and music ever composed! I first heard it in 84 going through my friends mum's record collection when I was 14 and it hit me with that strange surreal mystical combination that you're all mentioning! If I finally ever do get married I'll have it played @ the reception and when I die I definitely! want it played @ my funeral! But for now I listen to it by the sea when the suns setting!I think Barry must have wrote 'Spirit's' in a similar place!

Gorgeous Song! | Reviewer: Milton | 4/20/11

I agree with Francette Rush, the instrumental part this song with those incredible background vocals takes you to another world. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to actually read and listen to the lyrics too, they are so profoundly deep and meaningful. This is one of their best songs and my favorite off of this album by the same name. The Bee Gees were truly one of a kind.

My Spirits | Reviewer: Francette Rush | 3/31/11

I'm 45 yrs old and I grew up listening to the Bee Gees and their brother Andy i love when the instrumental part of the song begins i just lay back close my eyes and think about the simpler times of my life when i was younger the words are very powerful also i'm still a big fan of them

una de mis favoritas | Reviewer: karla | 11/6/10

I'm from ecuador and this song is beautiful there is no age to listen it, when I was a little girl my father used to listen to it on his record player too. And I just think in all the beautiful moments of my childhood now I'm 22 and I hope that my baby likes of this music too

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