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Erasure Spiralling Lyrics

Last updated: 11/15/2011 10:00:00 AM

I try hard
To put you out of my mind
Every night alone I'm thinking 'bout you
Now can I avoid the pain

I won't cry
I won't be sorry no more
Maybe this is something I'll get over
Maybe I can learn to love another
It's just a matter of time
A matter of time

Just because
I lock myself in my room
Doesn't mean
That I'm afraid to talk to
Those people I know that might have you seen you

No return
I keep reminding myself
I won't look back
Won't regret a single moment
I'm gonna mend this heart inside you've broken
It's just a matter of time
A matter of time
A matter of time
A matter of time
A matter of time
A matter of time
A matter of time
A matter of time

Show me the way
They say safety in numbers
I lift up my eyes to the sky
And imagine the crowd
Of hearts that surround me
And give the me courage to die

Were you to weep
And lie soft at my feet
Then you'd wash all
My troubles away
And imagine the host
Of angels around me
And give me the courage to die

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Corrections | Reviewer: Pobalob | 9/2/2008

Depending on which version you listen to, the Words to the last line in the first verse is either;

a) 'How can I avoid this pain', or

b) 'How can I avoid this pain without you'.

The last verse in the lyrics above actually does exist, but it's a separate song called, funnily enough, 'Safety In Numbers'. It's just that Spiralling flows directly into it.

Hope this has helped :)

Spiralling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/2007

the last verse does exist, it does on mine. and its prob the best verse of the song. ive got the two ring circus which has 12" singles on, best erasure album.

wrong lyrics | Reviewer: tony | 2/23/2007

many errors my friend.....
that might have you seen you should be-that might have seen you
the line i look back should read i won't look back
and the last verse does not exist in the song...where thast came from i don't know