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Durag Dynasty Spiral Event Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2013 03:03:50 AM

Sound clasher broadcast
The grand master mash your rap rapture
Capture paddles with such stature
Staggering style addict and can't stomach the status
Off kill to stats colorful graphics habit
Straight radical, Hannibal's mathematical Sun Tsu
The literature’s literally that tactical, son you
Fatherless child out of the val hands down!
Dance over the drums, James Brown.
General Jim start Custard, blade cutch it for the roughage
You can’t ketchup, you all mustard
With no originality cats, a pitiful whack
With little league raps over T ball tracks
Listen, simple and plain!
Yall out of pocket like loose change.
All we see in this peak of the game
This gold chain slang bang!

Splashing and thrashing, niggas rapping, ask me what happen
I'll be cutting niggas down for lower cabbers
Your dog got the guns clapping quicker than the bark and the bite
And you niggas just undecided like a hermaphrodites
Supposed to be blasting your pistols, not flashing right
Well your lyrics ain't killing nobody, so pass the mic!
And you ain't killed nothing
You gonna let it live, sensitive
Frontin was soft as a baby with a bit, with the tittie sucking
Me - I'll be tittie fucking, the chicken hefty clucking
Looking for chicken feed, picture me tricking something
I got a trick for, can’t you figured it out?
Wanna see a magic stick disappear? Open your mouth!
We brought back baptized lyrics around water
Suffer close call or post-traumatic head shot dissorder
Can’t go spit fire, my rhymes syllable slaughter
But rather leave holes in your ribs of the size of quarters!

Me and Waka Flocka was cooling at the Palladium
Jumped out the helicopter in two
Another stadium with drugs that can't flush
With guns that can't jam
A Russian association with the Tuscany glam!
It's a custom, the people, evil believe no
He ain't no seen Heaven, below the needle lethal
Five members of the Beatles equal
December I was live to November with a mind prequal
The most tattered passport in history
Another category class say victory
Nearly pulled the pistol in the winner
The List of Schindler, weather sinners and killers
Dealers and villains living under celings and pillars
Still as the millions, still the fuckin winner with no feelings
I'm after catching dynasty dude without the lesson
Pyramid army is profession.

Nefertiti hanging like an anchor
I'm like a pranker, Haitian gold motivation
Working, turkish, circulate paper
Fuck around, go ahead,
Be the quickest way to meet mother nature!
My every statement is disrespectful and blatant
Sophistication is calculating for greatness
But older math total mass, waxed like phonograph tracks
So control the rap snap like photograph raps
It's lethal! The dosage of dope package for people
Backseat you with the eagle evil
It's a stick up or the receival
So be cool or get beat on
I'm the original! So take that bullshit back to Peelong
You know fragile ass peons
Freeze up like freon liquids
Plus my niggas is on, we flip shit different
Spiral a van, another shit that charge me with a violent intent
Choppas say the God fell off, whatever your momma nigga
I'm hot like the Lama and Yobama with drama
Ossama, Obama, Hussein, Sadam, Brian Palmer, Don Karma, crack rap for comer
Party omathon party on the song wrong with no training
Straight up, I leave that shit body then I'm gone, nigga!