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Nazareth Spinning Top Lyrics

Last updated: 04/17/2001 07:26:27 PM

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My head's moving like a spinning top
How in the world do I make it stop
'Round and 'round and faster still
I'm gonna live till I had my fill

Call the crowd and gather 'round
You're gonna find me in the lost and found
Bright lights , that's my style
Don't be goin'awhile

Got no time for sittin' 'round
Tops are livin' proof to
Ain't gonna wait another day
Pack my bags and get on my way

Gone and turn around
You're gonna find me in the lost and found

( fade)

(Agnew, Charlton, McCafferty, Sweet)
Mountain Music/Carlin Music
1972 Nazareth (Dunfermline ) Ltd.

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