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On September 7th, 2001, the original members of the Spin
Doctors: Chris Barron (lead singer), Aaron Comess
(drummer), Eric Schenkman (guitar), and Mark White (bass
guitar) took the stage at the Wetlands Preserve in NYC.

It was a special occasion for two reasons. After many years
of providing some of the best music in the city, the
Wetlands was closing down because it had lost its lease.
Secondly, the original members had not played together in
over seven years. Each member had been contacted by the
club and agreed to perform one of More...

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Reply | Reviewer: Anthony
    ------ About the song Two Princes performed by Spin Doctors

This song is not too hard to understand once you read the lyrics.
The singer loves a girl, but so does another guy, a guy who's rich and all that.
But he says even though he doesn't have money to give, he's the one who really loves her.
I've liked this song ever since I was a kid, even if I didn't know what it was about exactly.

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