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The Spill Canvas is the brainchild of 19 year old Nick
Thomas, a native of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. His songs
stem from emotion and transform late youth angst into
brutally honest anthems... with acoustic guitar in hand, he
is speaking for a new generation through his art. Musical
influences include Saves the Day, Further Seems Forever,
John Mayer, Ben Lee, Billymusic, Mogwai, Copeland, Maroon 5
and Dashboard Confessional. A skilled guitar player, Nick
also plays piano and bass. In addition, he wrote and
produced his album, Sunsets More...

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Review about Spill Canvas songs
as i inew about other people in my own life | Reviewer: pavrun
    ------ About the song So Much performed by Spill Canvas

As I knew all about it and we have a lot more and it is a lot more fun about it and we have a lot if fun about it and it is so quick as I can save for it and we have a lot with it and we need to do it today and it is so funny all the time and tell you a lot of things for it so much and very quick

Wow | Reviewer: Ettiene Thomas
    ------ About the song Take One Breath performed by Spill Canvas

I have never been blown away by a song so much before - its amazing! So deep and beautiful. Although these lyrics speak about a girl who's mom died and since her mom was her best friend its hitting her hard, i think the words to this song can help anyone going through anything. Especially the chorus! I think everyone should hear this song, especially those friends of mine and others like them who dont want to live anymore..

If you're reading this, this song is for you! That chorus? Thats speaking to you. Keep your head above the water, because you are too precious for this world to lose, tho it doesnt deserve you.

Keep running

Beautiful song, but is the final verse correct? | Reviewer: Lauren
    ------ About the song The Tide performed by Spill Canvas

I love this song. There so much substance and symbolism in it. However I'm not sure if the lyrics in the last verse are correct. It reads on this site:

"Well, heaven's not a place that you go when you die.
It's that moment in life when you touch your edge you feel alive.
So live for the moment.
And take this advice, live by every word,
Love's completely real,
So forget anything that you have heard,
And live for the moment now."

Are we sure that he isn't saying "Heaven IS a place that you go when you die and its the moments in life when you touch your edge you feel alive?" Because the second part changed from what the chorus was originally. First it said that love isn't real, but now it's saying that it is. Wouldn't it be the same in the first half of the chorus too? This singer doesn't pronounce his words very well so it's possible that the person misheard this section of lyrics.

;B | Reviewer: alli;P
    ------ About the song The Tide performed by Spill Canvas

this song is so sad!!!i dont really understand it,besides the fact that there father father left them...and there mom got depressed and "left them alone"...i showed this to some people and they thoght that it was one of the saddest songs ever. it almost makes me cry everytime i hear it:(

My love for u | Reviewer: Loredana
    ------ About the song So Much performed by Spill Canvas

I waint you to love me am your everying you can live with out me I am the only one for you .am your world your soul mate am your everyimg theres no one for me love me untill I loredana tell u to stop loveing me steve love me like there no way to belive

Song meaning? | Reviewer: Jessie
    ------ About the song The Tide performed by Spill Canvas

The 'three' represent the different things affecting the 'mothers' relationship. Veronica is the side of passion and romance, Vada the side of jealousy and innocence and Dade is the hidden fears. As the three grow up, it symbolises the relationship coming to an end, the tide sweeping in and taking´╗┐ the three symbolises the end of the relationship, and the idea of the mother being bed-ridden by her ex-lover is showing the effect that all of this has had on her.

Good | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Good Graces, Bad Influence performed by Spill Canvas

Good job! Probably the most accurate version I've seen of this song. There is one thing nobody has caught though, in the song it starts off talking about the "magic carpet ride" well in the third stanza it continues this theme, and if you listen closely Nick says "first-class passenger" not passion that, just like first-class on an airplane but you know...... on a "magic carpet" :)

the point everyone misses | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Self Conclusion performed by Spill Canvas

my boyfriend showed me this song. i looked at it like everyone else.. being saved. i looked at it as i'm the girl thats being saved. yeah, fantastic, but i didn't understand why he was showing it to me. its the point of in him saving her, he saved himself. and just the pure beauty that if she didn't want to kill herself, then he would have died too. true love saved both of them, and she's just as much a hero to him as he is to her, but she has no idea.

sometimes | Reviewer: shhhhh
    ------ About the song Bound To Happen performed by Spill Canvas

You move on but there is still that one in your heart that one that will always be there the one you love even though its over I've moved on started a new life and family but [[he]] is always on my mind never stopped loving him

Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Self Conclusion performed by Spill Canvas

I'm going through a rough time in my life at the moment and whenever I'm really sad, I listen to this. Sometimes I wish someone would save me too. I was sexually abused as a young girl and that pretty much effed me up and turned me into being a dependent person .. Just about getting through the day now ... Waiting to be saved :(

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