Spice Girls Lyrics

FORMED: 1993

"Girl Power" became a rage in the late 90's largely due to
the fab five from London, no not the Beatles, and not even
their equivalent, but from the Spice Girls. Hitting the
scene in 1997 after responding to an ad in a British
publication, the five smashed the charts with their first
hit "Wannabe" which reigned at No.1 in the UK charts for
seven weeks.
Sporty, Ginger, Posh, Scary and Baby rounded out the first
mix of Spice Girls. And spicy they were. Known for their
wardrobes ranging from a miniscule Union Jack skirt to More...

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Review about Spice Girls songs
i could never get tired of this song. | Reviewer: Megan
    ------ About the song 2 Become 1 performed by Spice Girls

i love this song. i love singing it and listening to it in my cd player. i rather Victoria's version of love well bring us back togther take it or leave it take it or leave it. thats the thing about this song is there are 2 versions. i have the cd thats how i know. omg a song that puts me in a good relaxed nice mood i love it its perfect.

Mel C, Mel B, Victoria, Geri and Emma | Reviewer: Megan Wiles
    ------ About the song Move Over (Generation Next theme) performed by Spice Girls

I love these lyrics and the girls because they are part of my life and I dedicate this to the girls it is because I love them so much with all my heart. I have grew up with them.

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE | Reviewer: WelshSpiceGals
    ------ About the song Wannabe performed by Spice Girls

Hello everyone, we are HUGE fans of the SG. We would appreciate it if they did a tour in Swansea, maybe? KEEP GOING STRONG GIRLS. SPICE UP YOUR LIFE<3<3 Ps. Mel.. we hate you. ew

wannabe spice girls | Reviewer: mindy
    ------ About the song Wannabe performed by Spice Girls

i was going to do this song for a school performance until it didnt get approved from our princible is this song bad because ziga ziga ah only means having fun with friends or waching a movie kind of like a mad lib can anyone help me out?

i love u mom with whole my life | Reviewer: fitria_suprihatin
    ------ About the song Mama performed by Spice Girls

i never had love like mom's love...nobody can love me like that...thanks 4 everything that u gave 4 me...never stop pray 4 me...you give all yours to me...i'm sorry mom because i can't yet give u the best of me...but i'm trying to be...

silly. | Reviewer: s.
    ------ About the song Wannabe performed by Spice Girls

whoever said that it was about orgy's is silly. it's obvious that it's about friendship and if you're a guy, not willing to accept your lover's friends then basically you can fuck off. "chicks before dicks" and all that shit. you're an idiot if you think it's about orgy's. grow. up.

Unconditional Love | Reviewer: paishea02
    ------ About the song Mama performed by Spice Girls

...this song for me is about a girl who have turned into a mom too...you will just understand and realize that everything our mothers said and done are all for the goodness of their beloved children...a mother's love is unconditional...pure and divine..that's why we have to take good care of them no matter what...no matter what we do we can't ever pay all the sacrifices that they did for us..for us to be able to live in this world as we are now...thank you mom..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Do what your mother love | Reviewer: Favour
    ------ About the song Holler performed by Spice Girls

Once upon a time there was a girl called grace her mother love her and she love her mother.
One day her mother was not with her father and they where from Nigeria and they came to Benin her mother stay in a house and her mother her to not enter any body house and not to play with the Benin children but she don't hear and be playing with them.
One day a Benin boy cause her and she told her mother and her mother beat the Benin boy and the mother told her and said if you play with this Benin children i will beat you.

The story lesson is hear what your mother tell you, and think about how she will do if something happened to you, and think about the suffer and if you know that you are only child she have do some thing so that she will be happy.

Mama.. | Reviewer: Anna
    ------ About the song Mama performed by Spice Girls

I've heard this song about a million times when I was younger, but it never sunk in, like it does now when I listen to it. Growing up, I wasn't the easiest daughter to deal with. I've done a great amount of stuff to make my mom disappointed in me. Yet, she still never gave up on me. She stuck through, thick and thin. Even when she felt like there was absolutely no hope left, she still reached out her hand and heart to me, and walked w/ me. I love her for that. Not a day goes by, that I'm not grateful for her love, and undying, unconditional love and hope for me. I'm 21 now, my life is finally starting to straighten out, and I have a beautiful relationship with my mother. I love you so much, mom. I only hope I can be a mother like you someday..

mama | Reviewer: chris de rozario
    ------ About the song Mama performed by Spice Girls

this song is not about u hate ur mom or even ur mom hate u." She Used to be my enemy and never letting me be free,
catching me in places that I know I shouldn't be,
Every other day I crossed the line
I didn't mean to be so bad,
I never thought you would become a friend I never had

Back then I didn't know why,
Why you were misunderstood (mama),
So now I see through your eyes,
all that you did was love " read the lyric properly,its about u realize ur mistake to ur mom and u regret it.like me,in the past i do lot mistake.drug,alcoholic,fighting..but my mom keep accept me in life and forgive me.that time i was blind,i dont realize my responsibility as a her son.she keep save me from my sins,she always there when i let her down,she always there when her friends hate me.she always defend me.but now im 24,im the right path,its all because of her.i have my dad,but he never my dad.my mom is my dad and mother to me.now what can i give to her is her dream to see im graduate my degree.everybody makes mistake but ur mom the on who bless u along the journey.

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