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"Wake up! Can you hear me?" So begins "Cut Your Ribbon,"
the lead track on Wiretap Scars, the first full-length
offering from El Paso, Texas' Sparta. The album is both a
logical extension of, and a quantum leap beyond, the ragged
promise of the three-song-and-one-remix Austere EP,
released in March of 2002. Wiretap Scars is the sound of
the underdog triumphant.

"Before Sparta, I was struggling," Jim Ward recalls,
"trying to find a happy, ideologically perfect place. Once
Paul [Hinojos] suggested pursuing what is now Sparta, there More...

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Review about Sparta songs
Encouraging | Reviewer: Max
    ------ About the song Erase It Again performed by Sparta

Great song. And the phrase these cuts don't scar is encouraging and it sums up the song well. Emotional pain is only temporary, we all make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them and move on. As Henry Ford said "Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently."

like you do | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Atlas performed by Sparta

this is an amazing song and touches some place very close to home for me! Truly takes me somewhere!! thank you guys seriously do ot for me like noone else!! You guys rock...on all levels!

You can't go on this way.. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Erase It Again performed by Sparta

This song is great. To me it is a song about redemption and starting over in your life after someone or something has hurt you. The "cuts don't scar" part is meant to be encouraging, basicly saying however bad you think you've been "cut" now, however deep it is, however hopeless your situation may seem, it'll turn its self around in the end, and there will be no long term damage. No matter how suck something might be now, it'll be ok.
"If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, keep moving" -MLK

But these cuts don't scar... | Reviewer: LM
    ------ About the song Erase It Again performed by Sparta

Erase It Again...the main theme in this song is about getting the chance to start over again and start anew, despite feelings of hurt, pain and regret.

And I do think that the line "accidents happen...but these cuts don't scar" is an encouraging one. Basically saying that shit happens, but we heal in time...the cuts don't stay forever and don't scar. The line's meaning sums up the meaning of the song.

Fantastic Song | Reviewer: Caveat Emptor
    ------ About the song Untreatable Disease performed by Sparta

But I would never call it their best; that's When Oceana Sleeps (personal opinion). The entire Porcelain album was great. Wiretap Scars was good too, but a lot more raw. If you like Threes check out the ealier stuff.

my view on to post below....... | Reviewer: Josh Rose
    ------ About the song Erase It Again performed by Sparta

"but these cut's dont scar"

I think this is a metaphor pertaining to that fact that he/she is burdoned with a metaphorically speaking "open wound", hes emotionally scarred, but in reality he/she knows the situation situation isnt going to improve. Thats what that line means to me.

By the way great song, and very relatable, Sparta is a very gifted group of song writers

Great | Reviewer: Megadeathwarrior
    ------ About the song Untreatable Disease performed by Sparta

Sparta is amazing, Jim Ward is AMAZZZING <3
and I agree that this could probably be the best song ever, but there are just so many good songs by Sparta its hard to keep track which ones the best.
This is definitely on top of the list.

hmmm... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Erase It Again performed by Sparta

all of this lyrics makes verry good sense to me, and i like the way it goes, but i dont understand where it says "but these cut's dont scar". is it meant to be encouraging that the cuts given to "you" wont scar, and that you will be able to heal dispite your mistakes. or are "you" trying to cut something yourself, and it isnt scarring. maybe "you" in this song is trying to write a sharp, deeply peircing letter but the cuts you write down, (meant to be for a person you tried to forget and yet nothing has changed in the way you think about them,) wouldnt scar nearly enough.

either way it is a verry good song.

Sparta | Reviewer: Samii
    ------ About the song La Cerca performed by Sparta

Amazing band, this song may not be as good as While Oceana Sleeps, but it's a pretty good song, the lyrics are deep and his voice is amazing. Go Sparta.

respekt | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Breaking The Broken performed by Sparta

supergeile cd!! komme aus deutschland un bin einer der größten sparta-fans. un das is mein lieblings-song aus porcelain.

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