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Marvin Gaye Sparrow Lyrics

Last updated: 03/28/2010 11:00:00 AM

I used to hear a sparrow singing, baby
Oh, But one day as i went along i didnt hear it's song
But i know the sparrow should sing (sparrow should sing)
Sing on such a morning in spring
oh, sparrow why don't you sing?
Sing to me, oh, sparrow come around--

around, why don't you come around? sing about a melody
aww, melody about the things you see
anything you want to sing about
just sing it on out, now, sing it on out
let the world know what life's all about
sing little sparrow sing, sing little sparrow sing
ah, sing little sparrow won't you sing for me?
and for the rest of the whole wide world
they'll appreciate it i know
everytime im feeling low i know i can always count on you
sing little sparrow!
about the troubles you're in, places you've been
you can sing i know it
dont you try to pretend
sing while you're here, sing a song my dear
let me hear your song do you be too cold
sing little sparrow sing
want you to sing little sparrow sing
i want you to sing little sparrow si-ng, ah a pretty bird song

(Trumpet solo)
(Marvin harmonizes)

sing to me, let me hear your agony
did you say man's sucking up the land?
sing to me of peace and love
sing to me of God above
sing sparrow, oh, sparrow sing
sing to me about man's inhumanity and all the injustice you see
sing sparrow, sing little sparrow si-ng
sing about what you hear, sing about how to live
i want you to sing your tune sparrow, oh, sparrow sing!
sing to me of jealousy, ah-ah, sing what thats all about
sing it on out, shout! little sparrow
aw, sing at me, sing me a--sing me a song
i want to know whats wrong, little bird say, tell me,
sing, sparrow, cuz i want to know
you sweet itty-bitty-pretty bird, sing before you go
sing to me Marvin Gaye, before you fly away
never stop singing sparrow
til' we hear your song-oh-ong

sing, your song
sing, your song
on & on & on & on
on & on & on & on and
I need your love
a bird!

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A Genius Besides Himself | Reviewer: Windsor | 3/26/10

Gaye's Sparrow is unparalled in music history, not only for the reasons of the conditions that led to its creation; but then this is true of the entire collection in his second magnum opus, Here, My Dear. On the musical front, Sparrow is profoundly jazzy, formally and substantively, for in it Gaye is able to engage the jazz-form, while at the same time paying tribute to this very special art-form. If you had been limited by Gaye's previous renderings, you are likely to fail to recognize Gaye's presence in Sparrow. But then the beautiful arrangement of the song is in itself enough a force to compel you to be attentive, for, right from the start of the song, Gaye makes himself known, if not felt; and he unfolds himself reflectively, only right at the end, to make you question the audience of the song - who is the Sparrow? Enjoy. Windsor (