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Originally they weren't Spandau Ballet at all, they weren't
a band, but a gang of immaculate ne'er-do-wells, dubbed the
Angel Boys, lary lads out of the Angel Islington, who
gravitated to the grooviest haunts in Soho and Covent
Garden. And at the core of this coterie were the brothers
Kemp, a pair of undeniably good looking boys who'd done a
bit of acting and still knew how to look the part and cast
theatrical shapes on a dance floor. But no one knew that
they harboured musical ambitions. Not that is until fellow
north Londoner Steve More...

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Reviews about Spandau Ballet songs

AHHH! | Reviewer: ARRRthur
    ------ About the song GOLD performed by Spandau Ballet

This is the. Best. Song. EVAR. No other song gets my endorphins running in quite the same way. Hearing this come up on my playlist or on the radio is absolutely guaranteed to cheer me up, no matter how crappy my day was.

A very good song!! | Reviewer: medardo
    ------ About the song ONLY WHEN YOU LEAVE performed by Spandau Ballet

I like it too much , since i was a boy and now is one of my favorite song , lifeline, gold, true etc, thanks for that song bye!!

A winner from Hadley and the Kemps. | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song THROUGH THE BARRICADES performed by Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet were the nice boys of New Romance.
While the bandana-wearing Durans caroused on beaches with bikini clad women, the Spandau's wore nice suits from C&A , sang with their hands over their hearts and felt every word.
Okay so some of it was cliched nonsense and a great deal smacked of Hallmark mock sincerity but just every now and then with one line Spandau Ballet would find their way into your 13 year old heart and you'd just get them.
With 'Through the Barricades' they've attempted to combine a love song with a little social commentary. The song is set in a 'troubled' Belfast, a couple who come from different sides of the Protestant / Catholic, Loyalist / Republican divide, its a Romeo and Juliet for contemporary Britain.
It speaks of untamed love crossing all boundaries and the release that their relationship gives them over their troubled existence "So come to me when I'm asleep, we'll cross the lines and dance upon the street".
Its a timeless theme, love and passion helps the young sould escape the most dire situations from Springsteen being Born to Run to Rod Stewart and his Yojng Turks we've all felt it sometime.
Ultimately it falls short because they havent been there, their writing from imagination and hearsay and though you try to forget you ca't help but feel it lacks a little experience. For all that its a beautiful little melody with some lovely guitar runs and some great vocal work from Tony Hadley.

catchie rythym | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song THE FREEZE performed by Spandau Ballet

to me this has a couple of one-liners that are cool, 'the art is pretending it's art', 'erogenous zones win again' .... but what does it all mean? The question is where do we pay????

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