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Daiquiri Spader vs. Everyone Except Downey Jr. Lyrics

Last updated: 11/15/2005 10:00:00 AM

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Spader can sing about walking the night,
But how sincere was he?
When face to face with Kim Richards
How sincere would you be?
You'd say what you had to say, anything you had to say
This is Kim Richards circa 1985
Going to Woolworths to look at wedding rings
Dressing up in front of a mirror, trying it on in front of a mirror
Do your hair in front of a mirror
Spader knew what he wanted, knew how to get it
Singing that song and he didn't regret it
Must have been hard Downey Jr. looked on
He knew what he had to do
Downey Jr. would have too....
Did you mean all the things that you said back there?
And Jimmy Carrol looked on as Downey Jr. sang song
Right into Kim Richard's face,
This scene never took place

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