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H8 - is the one for me
it gives me all I need
and helps me co-exist
with the chill


You make me sick
Because I adore you so
I love all the dirty tricks
And twisted games you play
on me


Space dementia in your eyes and
Peace will arise
And tear us apart
And make us meaningless again

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mmmm yeah

You'll make us wanna die
I'd cut your name in my heart
We'll destroy this world for you
I know you want me to
Feel your pain


Space dementia in your eyes and
Peace will arise
And tear us apart
And make us meaningless again

Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, oooooh, oooooooh-aaa

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My opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/11

From where I stand, I believe that MANY of today's bands are masons!! Come-on it's not that hard to see!... And sadly muse is one of those. Those bands are usually the best and most popular and get paid the most. I am a fan of them though 'cause their really talented and artistic and noone can deny that, but when it comes to their lyrics sometimes they just creep me out. So just try to forget about what they say and enjoy their music! :D

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/11

I think the looking back from space thing, about losing everything important to you, and all material possessions and stuff, is pretty clever. Wouldn't have come up with that as the meaning myself.
But the analogy about religious types is a bit ridiculous. Whoever wrote that meaning into it must have a lot of prejudice. You can't just stereotype that everyone with religion would kill in name of it.. People who call themselves Christian and justify murder by it simply can't be "Christian" because it goes against what the bible preaches.
Either way though, great song!

meaning | Reviewer: Luis | 12/4/10

He's talking about this "reality/world". It makes him sick because he adores it, he can't live without all the worldly things. It's hard to let go of "things" and people. Space dementia is what some astronauts get while in space. They lose it for a while. When you lose it all, everything that means something to YOU. you will gain EVERYTHING. And again talks about his love/hate relationship with this world. This song is pretty blunt if you ask me, then again I know why he's singing about these things. Same topic the beatles, and the doors always sang about...

Space Dementia Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/10

I've always thought this song was about drugs, or dependency at least.

"H8," instantly struck me as a name for some chemical (may not actually exist, but it has the same connotations), and the rest of the lyrics do suggest this inability to function without the subject of the song: drugs.

Well, I don't know if anyone even half agrees with this, but it's what I've always thought of this song.

you all can suck it | Reviewer: terra | 8/18/10

This song can either mean nasa shit, or it can mean god hating stuff.... or even be bashing on woman. The word "you" could be focused on so many different things. As for commercial nonsense. These guys have creative minds and an ear for music. They may be more commercial but they have a right to be cause guess what? They are artistic! They are talented! And they worked hard to get where they are.

Feeling | Reviewer: Ral | 7/19/10

I think some people are taking it too literally. H8- "Hate". Just say it like B4 (Before). "Hate is the one for me" I believe it's about love and women- about how women play so many games to the point of pulling forth hate. Perhaps before he loved women, but now he loves to hate women. That's what this song means to me at least. This is not the absolute of course because it's all subjective. I also agree with the religious aspect- Muse really bashes christianity and the church; I'm glad that despite this, they are still so widely popular and are becoming more so. Wow I sound like a very hateful person XP....

Meaning of Song, in Matt's words | Reviewer: B | 6/8/10

According to Matt Bellamy...

Space Dementia’s piano is inspired on Rachmaninov (a classic Russian composer).

Matt: “Space dementia is the term NASA used for what happens if you’re left out in space for a long time, because if you truly conceptualise the situation of being there and looking back on earth, it can drive you mad. The song is about a person whose quite important in my life and who gives me space dementia when I look at them. It’s about being intensely engrossed so that you become obsessive and almost nasty”.

The first word of the song is not “height”, as it is written in the lyric-book of OOS, but it’s “H8”. H8 is a microcomputer.

Matt: “Using a microcomputer (Hitachi H8 / 3048F) which can
be built into the industrial machines, you can learn and understand the inputs /outputs of the microcomputer as a basis of robot control and conduct the experiments by C-language for steppingmotor control, servomotor control (PWM control) and serial communication. H8 model, a 16-bit microcomputer consists of 32-bit registers, has a flash ROM of 128KB, a RAM of 4KB (SRAM) with external extension of 128KB and 78 I/O terminals with the built-in A/D and D/Aconverters. H8 is a microcomputer usually built into a TV, VTR, mobile-phone and car navigator. Since it has ample I/O terminals, H8 microcomputer is also used as a brain of a small robot”.

Matt: “Space Dementia was supposed to be the big ending to the album. If you stick it on really loud speakers, it reaches the limit absolute limit of what is the sub and what is the height of your ear. So it hits the extreme of what our hearing range is. We were going to secretly increase the dB to the point where it was illegal. It didn´t work at the end [of the album], so we put it further to the front, [and had] the big argument whether to have this big ending or not. We actually recorded the first section of the song in the earlier session, and then we recorded the ending as a completely different thing. We had the song playing and then came in as it finished, a different instrument set up and everything. I was supposed to be a shock thing because up to then it was all piano, and then go all dirty guitars and death”.

please go jump off a cliff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/10

"the band became total commercial crap during the last years, their lyrics are totally ridiculous and the whole band has only one goal:making money,it´s not about art people, only money.
Constructed ambitious bullshit with only one goal:gettin richer.
So fuck Muse, better listen to Mars Volta, Circa Survive or something like that, that´s still art."

you are an idiot... their message is still the same as it was back then. Their music is still amazing. How can you not say Exogenesis is not artistic?

He's talking about attrocities done in the name of god | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

Obviously. He's talking about people that embrace hate thinking that it is god's will. You (God) make me sick because I adore you so. The dirty tricks and stuff, just talking about how God let's bad things happen to them. The space dementia part is talking about the lunacy of their argument thinking that what they do will somehow unify people. You'll make us wanna die (for God). Cut your name in my heart (like become a Christian). You want me to feel your pain (pain of christ). Etc. He may or may not be talking about Christianity, but he is obviously talking about zealous religious types killing in the name of.

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Bronwen | 3/24/10

Space Dementia is a term coined by NASA, because when astronauts are in space and look out at all the planets and, well, space they get a huge feeling of insignificance and stuff. I think this song is about him singing about someone he greatly admires, and when he looks at them he feels worthless compared.

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