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Billy Joel Souvenir Lyrics

Last updated: 05/25/2013 06:12:20 PM

A picture postcard
A folded stub
A program of the play
File away your photographs
Of your holiday

And your mementos
Will turn to dust
But that's the price you pay
For every year's a souvenir
That slowly fades away
Every year's a souvenir
That slowly fades away

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souvenir | Reviewer: sirjohn | 5/24/13

The anonymous reviewer just stole my words as it is exactly how I felt and still feel every time I hear this song. I am not young anymore either and I identify myself in the lyrics, life at the end and when you look at it you have only memories,all that is left you. And in the end it is life itself that slowly fades away.

life at the end | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/13

a sweetly sad song about life at the end, my , yours, everybody┬┤s
you will be left with souvenirs in the end whatever your life has been. I almost\ cried when I first heard this song because it is so true especially for people like me who are no longer young