South Park Lyrics

South Park is a comedy animated series created by Matt
Stone and Trey Parker. Distributed by and airing on Comedy
Central (and its current owner, Viacom) since 1997, it
follows the surreal adventures of four young boys who live
in the small town of South Park, Colorado. South Park
satirizes many aspects of American culture and current
events, and challenges deepset convictions and taboos,
usually using parody and black humor.

New episodes in the show's ninth season began airing March
9, 2005. Recent seasons have aired in two parts; More...

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Review about South Park songs
Yes, I know. | Reviewer: C'S
    ------ About the song Eyes Of A Child performed by South Park

Yes, I know that this song still has that touch of South Park to it. But to be honest, it's still amazing to me. Mainly because it's true. As adults, we see only pain and misery in the world. Yet, children see it as an endless sandbox they've yet to explore entirely. As adults, we forget what it's like to see everything as something, instead of everything as nothing. We don't see the world like a child their age does{not including Cartman who is a racist, sexist, bratty, self-centered, idiotic, gullible, little biotech. But I still think he's hilarious don't get me wrong}. So even though this song still had that flare of offensiveness that some of us{ including me } know and love, it still holds a special place in my heart due to the truth in it.

It's a joke!!!! | Reviewer: Victoria
    ------ About the song Blame Canada performed by South Park

I am Canadian. Canadian parents, born in Canada, and I still live in Canada today. And South Park is my all time favourite show!! In fact I love this song. I find it hilarious and I sing it aroun the house all the time. I hope no Cansdians are getting too offended, after all it's a joke and its really making fun on the American moms anyway. Because obviously it's their fault their children are swearing right? Has nothing to do with Canada :P

South Park Theme Song | Reviewer: S. Darsh
    ------ About the song south Park Theme Song performed by South Park

Goin' down to South Park, gonna have myself a time.
Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation.
Goin' down to South Park, gonna leave my woes behind.
Ample parking day or night, people spouting, "Howdy neighbor!"
Headin' on up to South Park gonna see if I can't unwind.
-Kenny's line-
Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine.

Must Read xXAwesomeReviewsXx #legit | Reviewer: Mimo
    ------ About the song The Imagination Song performed by South Park

I, personally, felt moved by these lyrics. I could really relate to the part about standing up for your rights and not being put down by the man. Sometimes, when I was young, I'd think of lubricating the inside of my urethra and filling it with snow so I could pretend I was having an orgasm. How this is related? I'll tell you; It has to do with the inner-want we all crave. That want for something bigger than us. How often have you felt like you haven't enough? Pretty often I bet. You see how this ties in? It's the need! The artform! You need to be able to express yourself to live a true life! Come on people! FIGHT! Let's let these government rats know who we are and what we want! Fight for your sexual desires! Fight for equality! Fight... for snowgasms. Thank you for reading.

love this hilarious song | Reviewer: the z 101
    ------ About the song Blame Canada performed by South Park

Canadians dont get offended its just a movie,even though its funny .This also has a lesson dont listen to people who blame everything.well its their fault that their children are are cursing,but still it is funny.

Oh Lol. XD | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song south Park Theme Song performed by South Park

After reading on that Answers website after attempting to see if another Army of TWO was going to be released, I saw something ridiculous under what I was looking for, and tapped (I am using a iPod Touch [4th Generation] ) it. (It was pretty much telling the inappropriate appearances in some Disney movies (Lol, workers screwing around, putting Non-G-Rated Crude [I guess you can say that?] Humor in G-Rated movies.... *facepalm*). Then while I was looking at that I saw "Things You Didn't Know About South Park". I then created a new window, blah blah blah, finished reading the 2nd article, irrelevant stuff....anyways, I think the first thing that appeared was talking about Kenny's lines. They said his lines are usually "overtly sexual" I see what they are talking about...perhaps Kenny should continue wearing that hoodie...even though I still wonder what he is saying. Lol. XD

To previous poster | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Wishing Tree performed by South Park

So it's ok to make fun of ethnicities, religions, etc. but not Michael Jackson? Get some perspective. As Trey an Matt say themselves: "Either all of it ok [to make fun of] or none of it is"

The Lyrical Miracle | Reviewer: Alex S-D
    ------ About the song Jesus Baby performed by South Park

This song is truly one of the greatest Christian, Mormon, Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Jedi, Atheist and Agnostic songs ever written and should be spread around the world and everyone should bow down to the amazing gods/deities that are Matthew Stone and Trey Parker. A new religion is to be formed called 'Meridiemparcumism' and all it's followers shall be called and referred to as Meriparcists. Meridiem meaning South, Parcum meaning Park in Latin. From this day on I will be a Meriparcist. Submit a review declaring yourself a Meriparcist if you too will follow the religion of Matt and Trey, plus follow the creator of Meridiemparcumism on twitter @AlexAKSD. yes, yes i am begging for followers. Trey Bless You All. And praise the prophet of our good faith, Sir. Mister Garrison of South Park, Colorado. Trey bless you and goodnight.
God = Trey
Allah = Matt
Jesus/Mohammed = Sir. Mister Garrison
Hell = Purgatory
Heaven = The Mormonic Afterlife
Adam & Eve = Randy & Sharon
Satan = Scott Tenorman
Devils = Kenneth McCormack and Eric Cartman
Angel Gabriel = Kyle 'Jewboy' Broflovski

Thank you for your time, Trey bless you and may Matt be with you.

South Park Jesus, baby! | Reviewer: theSoutherner
    ------ About the song Jesus Baby performed by South Park

This has to be the best gospel song ever. Especially when you consider the fact that South Park has to be one of the most vulgarly awesome shows in history, and it's singing about Christ! You can't dispute that shit.
10/10. Trey Parker and Matt Stone should be Grammy winners, period.

.... | Reviewer: aBrie
    ------ About the song south Park Theme Song performed by South Park

No. I just- I laughed sooo flippin' hard, at the "season 3 change". That is NOT what Kenny says.

It's "I have a 10 inch penis; use your mouth to help me clean it."

xD I'm still. laughing. about it. That was pretty good.

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