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some sections reprinted from The Soundgarden Story and
Rolling Stone magazine

As best as anyone can tell, the seeds that would eventually
become Soundgarden were sown in 1981, when Kim Thayil and
Hiro Yamamoto (who would serve as the band's bassist until
1988), living in Park Forest, Illinois, and having kicked
around in local bands for a few years, graduated from Rich
East, an alternative high school. Wanting to continue their
educations in a similar manner, the two set out for
Olympia, Washington, planning to enroll at the More...

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Review about Soundgarden songs
Chris Cornell is incredible | Reviewer: Dennis Carrier
    ------ About the song Burden In My Hand performed by Soundgarden

There have been some incredible vocalists in rock and roll. I think of Steve Perry and Rob Halford. But Chris Cornell may be the best in the business today. Everybody's voice weakens when they get older. May Chris hold his own for many years to come!

Note & Correction | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song Overfloater performed by Soundgarden

The verse that begins "Breathe and take it in..." is not included in the lyric sheet with the album for some reason. Thus I have to acknowledge that it's open to interpretation. I've always heard the second line as "Drink it down and swallow hard AGAIN". That seems to make more sense to me, too.

Trust | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Black Hole Sun performed by Soundgarden

I think the black hole sun is supposed to come and suck up all the snakes like a gigantic vacuum cleaner, like a man-eating snake. Yeah the song is about living in a world where it's hard to trust people.

Soundgarden rocks again with Chris! | Reviewer: ASHISH PATHAK
    ------ About the song Live To Rise performed by Soundgarden

And here is Chris to rock with Soundgarden again. Like the sun, Soundgarden ignited again. All this while i thought Blackhole sun to be my favourite of Soundgarden but this song just compelled me to edit my list. The song suits their re-union. Long live Chris! Long live Soundgarden! Long live rock!

A smirking smile | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Black Hole Sun performed by Soundgarden

To Maria Magdala (who wrote before; back in the 2011): I agree with your way of enviewing it. The prophecies written by John "Boanerges", the beloved disciple. Let me, please, send you a fraternal kiss, dear Oracle. Elijah of Tishb.

SMART LYRICS | Reviewer: Charlie E
    ------ About the song Black Hole Sun performed by Soundgarden

I think nobody will be able to say what the lyrics in the song really mean, not even Chris Cornell. It's just a matter of personal interpretation. But the combination of the lyrics and the melody make up a fantastic song. Personally I think it's about growing old. As you grow old, you sadly realize that there is a lot of injustice in this world and that good not always triumph over evil, as you're told when you're a kid reading fairy tales and watching fantasy movies. The whole message of the song revolves around the phrase "times are gone for honest men". Indeed they are.

First review on rusty cage!!! | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song Rusty Cage performed by Soundgarden

I love this song! When I first heard it, I wasn't impressed at the beginning, thought it was king of a cheesy riff, with a happy unsoundgardeny sound covered my a voice that doesn't match, but somehow after hearing it more, it comes together, and the slower heavier part in the middle is great and makes the song. Cornell can sing!

Addiction | Reviewer: Susan
    ------ About the song Head Down performed by Soundgarden

I think the song's deep key and tones indicate the dark life of addiction. The first four stanzas support this, and the last is about bowing down to its stronghold, giving into it once again. The last three lines are the high settling in.

'End Time' / Galactic Alignment. | Reviewer: Miriam Migdal
    ------ About the song Black Hole Sun performed by Soundgarden

My Spirit Guides had guided me to libraries and book shops on about 50 occasions between March equinox 1996 and September equinox 2008, where each time I found a book about an esoteric subject, or less frequently one about archaeological prehistory which was topically related to those esoteric ones, ultimately causing me to understand that we are now in the 'end times': not of mankind but of our cultural excesses - the end of the 'Kali Yuga'. The Black Hole Sun would be a name given to an astronomical / astrological body which has a loving awareness of us, or is at least a channel for this loving awareness, whose imminent movement in space relative to our Earth constitutes in effect the Galactic Alignment. Read, Galactic Alignment, by John Major Jenkins, 2002, Bear & Co publishers. There are so many people in the world just now because we were always meant to return together at the End Time, the bad with the good, to be given a last chance for being chosen prior to the population being suddenly, greatly reduced (Revelation to John the Divine); the world being destroyed this time by fire (burning fossil fuels - pollution and CO2). The prayer to be chosen is: "I pray to Jehova in Jesus' name and ask for forgiveness, help and guidance." Three times while facing north at noon. You'll somehow know when to say this. Carbon has six protons, six neutrons and six electrons: 6,6,6. We are made of 'the Beast' (carbon) which has an awareness and agenda of its own, which is why 6,6,6 is 'the number of a man'. I am chosen, I have loved you all very much.
p.s: thank you Dan Brown for helping me to discover who I was 2000 years ago. And thank you also Black Hole Sun, Helios, the Moon and Zeus.
All is forgiven - Mary Magdalene.

Soundgarden are simply amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Burden In My Hand performed by Soundgarden

Soundgarden are one of the best bands to come out of Seattle. Wonderful song. Wonderful vocals by Chris. Wonderful and insightful lyrics.
I'm so glad that Soundgarden have reunited and are in the process of releasing a new album either this autumn or early next year.

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