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Concrete Blonde Sound of a Woman Lyrics

Last updated: 03/11/2009 11:00:00 AM

Do you see me
Do you hear me
Do you feel how I need to
Do you heard all my words
Even making it out of my perilous mouth
Are you deaf, dumb, and blind..are you even alive

I don't know how to start over
I don't even know why
I should try to..but I want to
And I will if I can
I will crawl and then sit
And then stand up again or die trying

This is the sound of a woman in love with a life of a woman in pain
This is the sound of a woman who knows what its like to fall down and get up again..

And I wonder who I am
And I wonder who you are
And I wonder where we're going, where we're going how far
We can go..I can take you
We can ?do ?this anything we want to be

And I want to
Everything is all I have
And everything is all we needed
I would give you me bleed
I have nothing to give you but me
And this is all I can do

This is the sound of a woman in love with her life and she's feeling your pain..
This is the sound of a woman who will catch you if you fall and will pick you back up again....

This is the sound of a woman who's sound of a woman they've drive'in insane
this is the sound of a woman..the sound of a woman..who's sound of a woman.....

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