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Diabolicum Sound The Horns Of Reprisal Lyrics

Last updated: 03/14/2003 09:30:43 PM

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[Jon Nodtveidt, Survival Unit]

Let the cry of war be heard
Sounding to all corners of cosmos

We who have endured aeons of slavery
Have awaken!

We who have been chained
To the wheel of eternity
Have risen!

We whose very essence
Was raped a million times
Dare you!

And we accuse you, oh filthy one,
Of the ultimate crime
Yet failing on its completion

For you failed to kill our inner spark
And you falied to kill our spirit

Sound the horns of reprisal
To all corners of cosmos

For we are risen, illuminated and elevated
And the portals are about to open

[For Chaos]

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