Soulja Boy Lyrics

Real Name:DeAndre Cortez Way
Birthdate:July 28,1990

“He's a genius, man. It's like catching Michael Jackson
before he actually hit wax. It's that kind of talent.”
Strong words, words more likely attributable to an
overzealous blogger than one of the game's rising
impresarios. But Mr. Collipark, known best for his
irrepressible production behind the Ying Yang Twins, uses
those very superlatives in describing Atlanta-based phenom
Soulja Boy. Skeptical? Consider this: at an age normally
reserved for acne remedies and orthodonture, More...

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Submit Soulja Boy New Lyrics

Review about Soulja Boy songs
war | Reviewer: malik
    ------ About the song Go To War performed by Soulja Boy

i whent to konow that can you pick me in your video I am malik covigton.i am a boy not girl if you know what i mean so plesea let me be in it l iive 101 West Mc Intery that is on the north side i got 5 bother that lives and 2 my man and not gay so i cut the bull shit for this

To CHEIF keef | Reviewer: Lil jj
    ------ About the song Foreign Cars performed by Soulja Boy

This is the best song hate bein sober and this song and Ballin love Sosa everyday don't like mostly every song that he write is the best song that's all I Lisstinin to nun else cuz he is the best raper in the world he should of won a grammy award look CHEIF keef if u see
This we should smoke and chill
Love Sosa

ARGUMNET on the lyrics to the song | Reviewer: >Maneuneu Tupa
    ------ About the song All Black Everything performed by Soulja Boy

excuse me no need to be rude but where is the rest of the lyrics 4 all blacks everything that has all the all black players names. what the damn FUCKIN Hell is wrong with you people. FUCK this is my favourite song.

42464 | Reviewer: daisha
    ------ About the song What You Know performed by Soulja Boy

boy you so hot and find im lil face becuse im hot boy i want to kiss you so bad yo lip is sexy kiss me on the pohe want is yo number i love yo body so much and i like year hair how old are you i want to be yo girl friend2

ok | Reviewer: angela
    ------ About the song Turn My Swag On performed by Soulja Boy

Though I'm no fan of this no talent by any means, this song has a really catchy hook and appeal to it. I find my self singing it because it's a nice beat. The lyrics are wack of course, but it's a crunk song. I'll give it that.

ugh hello! | Reviewer: reyna
    ------ About the song Turn My Swag On performed by Soulja Boy

hi my name is reyna and somewhere in the song souija boy says says turn my swag on she throws away my phone cuz she dont want no interupptions while we going strong wuzzup yeah yeah. so i was just tellig you because you need to make the correction or else people will start singing the song wrong,i go to this website to sing songs and correct them. not to judge you.

Why? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Crank Dat Soulja Boy performed by Soulja Boy

I do not get this big "fad" rap. that is all it is, a fad. People used to think they were cool going down the hallways of my school doing the "soulja boy dance". Now you look at it and no one does it anymore because it was a big thing for all of two weeks ,and now you just look stupid doing it. His lyrics make no sense and the ones that do are retarded. Rap as a whole, with the exception of a few artists, need to just stop. Most of the songs produced today are about sex, drugs, or disrespecting women. These are the kinds of things that are fucking ourselves,society, in the ass. If you are going to learn a language speak it right there is no reason to sound like a fucking illiterate retard when you speak.

Muacks ~!!! | Reviewer: Penny
    ------ About the song Kiss Me Thru the Phone performed by Soulja Boy

My ex loved to kiss me thru the phone and I used to always keep asking him to kiss me more ... just... no longer now...
But well, this song is awesome, both of the lyric and music! Thumbs up ! Very nice !

foget yall | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Yahhh! performed by Soulja Boy

you guys need to stop trippin because he's richer then yall asses and he got mo game than you so u betta watch who u tlkin bout cause that song is fresh u just mad cause you can't be like him so just shut up. rember what this says faget hi hater by hater

What the FUCK is this world cumming to? | Reviewer: Lucas Kuhl Da' Rapper
    ------ About the song Crank Dat Soulja Boy performed by Soulja Boy

If FUCKED UP people were listening to THIS SHIT while they were fucking, I Fucking bet Every single last fucking one of you who is reading this-ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS THAT OF WHICH I MYSELF FUCKING HAVE, That If the BITCH got pregnant, The baby would come out more FUCKED UP than usual. Because of this BULLSHIT that is Probally playing in stereos right now as I type this shit down. Oh yeah, Soulja boy If your FUCKING reading this SHIT, I HOPE you FUCKING know that this SHITTY song FUCKING BLOWS!!! GET A FUCKING LIFE, AND A REAL FUCKING JOB! STOP RAPPING YOU FUCKING DUMBASS, AT LEAST PUT SOME FUCKING GOOD SHIT OUT!!! To everyone else, LATER.

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