Soulja Boy Albums

  • The King Album (11/30/2013)
    We Made It
    New Porsche
    From My Hood
    The Money Team
    At The Top
    I Got That Work
    Girls Gone Wild
    Gettin To Da Doe
    Grew Up In The Hood
    Bank Of America
    Ain't On Shit
    Beverly Hills
    Dirty Diana
    Tattoos On My Body
    Rich Niggaz
    Dead Presidents ft. Ebone
    Bonnie and Clyd

  • 23 Album (9/23/2013)
    Intro (23)
    She Got That Swag
    Jackie Chan
    Mr. Miyagi
    Sippin Lean
    The King
    So Much Ice
    All The Time
    Bugatti Mastered
    Racks In My Jeans

  • Cuban Link EP Album (5/26/2013)
    Cuban Link
    Pockets Fat
    Fire Flame
    Guap Down

  • King Soulja Album (5/14/2013)
    Water Whippin'
    Slangin' Chickens
    King Music
    Headed To A check
    Foreign Whip
    What up
    Now I'm On
    Jordans Gold Chains
    No Hook
    No Pad No Pen
    Straight Out The Trap
    Trap Swag
    I'm Gettin' Money
    Come On
    Catch Me If you Can
    I'm Gettin' It

  • Foreign 2 Album (4/23/2013)
  • Foreign Album (2/22/2013)
  • LOUD Album (12/25/2012)
  • Keep Living Keep Playing Album (11/30/2012)
  • Young & Flexin Album (11/6/2012)
  • Juice II Album (9/4/2012)
  • Promise Album (7/28/2012)
  • Obey Album (3/23/2012)
  • 50/13 Album (1/9/2012)
  • Juice Album (4/20/2011)
  • 1UP Album (3/17/2011)
  • Smooky Album (1/22/2011)
  • The DeAndre Way Album (11/30/2010)
  • iSouljaBoyTellem Album (12/16/2008)
  • Unsigned and Still Major Da Album Before Da Album Album (12/1/2007)
  • Album (10/2/2007)

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    what's the matter | Reviewer: M.C. Ronn
        ------ About the album iSouljaBoyTellem performed by Soulja Boy

    I`ve seen a list of artist recently and I found out. Many up and coming performance artist in today's world of music and entertainment never reach the top because company promoter relations grow cold during the course of proliferation. Souljaboy has his charms and I mention the same thing to a friend. We've been discussing feasibility and fund raising. If Janet decides to take us on. Soulja may be interested at this stage in production planning. Ms. Jackson is still trying to recover in the untimely demise of our friend and brother, Michael. I was the drummer on their debut single title: Big boy, recorded in Chicago, in March 1964. Altho Missy is not ready to take on our film project. Sooner or later she'll be back. She knows I'm on the trail for a blockbuster. She showed some interest. But was not committed to anything substantially sound at this time. The lady is quiet just like here brother and I have to be supportive as possible. Since my cousin died so suddenly we have to be there for the family. We miss stinkie so much.

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