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Notes the words in the brackets are sung in the background.

Soul to Soul (Soul to soul)
Sooooul mmmh..mmmh..mmmmmmh
Oh whoa whoa (soul to soul)

Piece of newspaper…At my feet
We go blowing down the street
Got out stories…old and new
Need someone to tell 'em to

We don't have to be eye to eye (face to face)
I'm not asking for miracles ( nor saving grace)
And I don't need another heart (to have and hold)
All I want is a friend I can talk to (soul to soul)
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Oh… soul to soul (soul to soul)

Like a notebook…On a shelf
Tired of talking to myself
Wishing somebody (somebody) passing by (passing by)
Would pick me up and look inside

We don't have to be eye to eye (or face to face)
I'm not asking for miracles… (miracles…or saving grace)
And I don't need another heart… (I don't need another heart…to have and hold)
All I want is a friend I can talk to (soul to soul)
soul to soul Oh… (soul to soul…soul to soul)

Everyone needs someone to turn to
When they walk in their line (got to hold that line)
And we all need a friend we can cry to
And I'm out on that line (I'm on that line)
It's been so long now…you know I'm needing mine,

Oh whoaaaa…whoaaaa…whoaaa..
Oh my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
All I want is a friend I can talk to (woe woe woe woe soul to soul)
I just call and there you are (soul to soul)
Shining on me like a star (shining down)
Smile in my direction in the night (oooooh oooooh oooooh)
And I feel your light yeah (oh oh soul to soul)
I'm feeling stronger now, so much stronger now (soul to soul)
Won't you shine a little longer, a little longer right now
I'm still holding that line (got to hold that line) yeah
Keep me holding that line
Oh oh my…

We don't have to be eye to eye (or meet face to face)
I'm not asking for miracles (or saving grace)
And I don't need another heart (to have and hold)
All I want is someone I can talk to (soul to soul)
Oh I need a friend right now
(sooooul to soul) *repeat in background till end of song
Someone I can talk to

I'm feeling lonely right now (right now baby)
I just need to know you're there anytime of the day and night
I need somebody who's willing to listen
Shining, shining, shining, shining so brightly right now
I feel like I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders
So much soul
Does anyone hear me calling…

Author: Sifiso Nene

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It is a soul track | Reviewer: Jerome Ngubelanga | 2/15/14

I've been listening 2 dc kynd of muzk 4 a long tym b4, nw I'm 26. Whn I heared dc song 4 d 1st tym, I did cry. I dnt knw nw hw many tyms do I play it each day. It really heals my soul.

Best song i've ever heared in 23 years of my life!! | Reviewer: Kgomotso Manyaka | 1/11/14

I listen to this song day & night. When i'm happy or sad. It is the remedy to heal stress & other troubles of this world. It touches & moves me in a way i can't explain. There are many good songs out there, but this one is the best. It's from the heart, deep-deep down!

Uplifted | Reviewer: Nokuthula Sangweni | 9/11/13

Past two days, I just had an emotional breakdown, feellin all depressed for no particular reason, then today heard the song on tv, not that its my 1st time hearing the song, tears filled my eyes, I've downloaded the song somehow my spirit got uplifted as I listened to it over and again. Definitely one of the best classics ever.

Beauty-full | Reviewer: Gayle Wilson-Riddick | 4/1/13

Such an understated song.. with a powerful message. It made me cry and think about family. I will play this at my brother Leonard Keith Anthony Hall's funeral in Jamaica, WI, April 2013. Thank you Temptations, once again!

Talking soul to soul | Reviewer: David Kimotho | 3/21/13

The temptations have great ballads and "Soul to Soul" is definitely in my top ten list. This is the definition of poignant lyrics intertwined with smooth harmonies and music. The world would be a better place if we shade off all artificiality and spoke to one another soul to soul.

Awesome song never die .they just take a rest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/13

Some time my youngest and I can be oil and water. We do not mix. But this song he found on the net and asking have I heard it before and I listen and tears came to my eyes. He played it over and over and so did I. I fell in love with the song when I first heard it years ago and I am still love it.So now when I get upset with my youngest. I play this song.The word,the beat,the voices and the music touches the heart and soul.LOVE IT

soul 2 soul wil make my sou rest in peace | Reviewer: phumla mtyhali | 10/28/12

This song is so touching and inspiring, some people are saying its a old school but 2 me its new,my love 4 dis song its growing day by day!this song reaveal my pains n solve my problem

one of those music to listen to | Reviewer: ndivhu mudau | 10/12/12

now that what you call is music to my heart, my ears, my body and soul to soul. one of those music to listen to, one among Gladys knght-somehow he loves me. Fantasia American idol winner 2003- i believe. ShoLA Ama- who's loving my baby.

05 May 2012 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/12

Hmmm, I heard this song for the first time on a friends phone once and immediately fell inlove wit it. Met my soon to be husband a few months after that, and coincidently he played me the song and said it's his favourite too, he loves the song it's his theatre system alarm tone. He is 15 years my senior yet we both understand the song exactly the same way. That's wat I love about the song. Doesn't matter who you play it too, one can't help but just love the song!

Soul to Soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/11

A friend of mine suggested I listen to this song in their car about 2 weeks ago and I have not been able to stop playing it. It is now "our" song. Since then before going to bed we listen to the song and just comment about how the lyrics apply to our lives. I cannot think of a more powerful, well written song and the video cements all the emotions that it depicts. A song for the ages. S2S

ths z music | Reviewer: donald murenjekwa | 5/17/11

l hav a thing for old school soul music bt ths song has changed t all. I 1st heard n wen l ws 16 bt t ddnt hav tha much f meanin 2 m. I heard t again n t brought bck memorys. Evrytime l listen 2 t l break n2 tears, one l played t 4 16 hours non stop. Ths song goes hand n hand wit michael bolton's you send me.

BEAUTIFUL SINGING/BEAUTIFUL MUSIC | Reviewer: Tia Mataitoga | 4/14/11

When I first heard it, it just appealed to my heart. Its just plain, beautiful singing. When I later watched the video clip, I just couln't stop crying because of its universal theme and of the deep,enriching message that it portrays.

There is just complete harmony between the voices and the instruments. The lyrics are very powerful and one cannot avoid being touched by it. We need more singing like this.

My soul to soul | Reviewer: paasteen | 4/14/11

I love this song this song to the max since i was a kid, but hearing it on radio today i couldnt hide the joy n bliss i ve had from this track i was excited i had to sing and introduce it to my 20year old daughter Jane

genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/11

I have played this song more than 30 times in the past 2 days. This song makes me feel so sade. I wanted to know everything about the group the temptations. They had the most beautiful voices. But the price they payed for fames was high. Soul to soul has now more meaning to me. What a beautiful song. Sorry if my englisch in not that good.

soul toul-is touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/10

I dont know what to write but this song,is so emotional that one feels that cld jst cry without knowing wy! i mean it reminds me of my girlfriend that just disappered without us even fighting- i phoned my friend & sth jst told me"u r relieved"

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