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Soul Asylum, the quintessential American rock combo, is
releasing Candy From A Stranger, the group's third outing
for Columbia Records. The new music is the next step the
band's ongoing transformation from scrappy garage band to
postpunk indie heroes to purveyors of world-class rock &
roll. Of course, Soul Asylum has always been a "rock band,"
in the purest and truest sense. And though it hasn't always
been obvious, within the volume and raucous crunch of the
band is the voice of the outlaw poet, the disenfranchised
blue-collar More...

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Runaway Train | Reviewer: iluvyooh
    ------ About the song Runaway Train performed by Soul Asylum

This song is so inspirational. it just makes me want to cry everytime. especially when he says, "It seems no one can help me out. im in too deep, there's no way out." everyone feels like theres no help and theyve led themselves astray but this song just reminds me, there's always a way out. nothing is ever as bad as it seems in the moment. and the part where it says lifes mysteries seems to faded...i think it means when u grow up, the big mysteries and secrets that once seemed so important&&amazing are forgotten.

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