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Forgive me for the things
That I never said to you
Forgive me for not knowing
The right words to say, to prove

That I will always be
Devoted to you and me
And if you can't feel that in my love
Then I'm sorry for not giving you enough

But I'm not sorry for my love
I'm not sorry for my touch
The way I made your hands
Tremble and my heart rush

I would do it all again
Wouldn't take back a thing, no
'Cause with you I've lived
A thousand life's in one

And I could never be
I could never be
Sorry for love

Well, maybe there've been times
That I let you down
Looking back on all those moments
I know that I should have found

The best of me for you
And now I will promise to
And if you don't see that in my eyes
Then I'll be
Sorry for the rest of my life

But I'm not sorry for my love
I'm not sorry for my touch
The way I made your hands
Tremble and my heart rush

I would do it all again
Wouldn't take back a thing, no girl
Cause with you I've lived
A thousand life's in one

But I could never be
I could never be
Sorry for love

And we all make mistakes
No matter how hard we try
But hearts can only break
When sorry comes all around

OOh, when sorry comes around

I'm not sorry...
For my love
For my touch

I would do it all again
I wouldn't take back a thing

Because with you I've lived
A thousand lives into one
But I could never be
I could never be
I could never be
I could never be

Sorry for love


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heartbroken | Reviewer: sheila | 1/1/14

im felt in love with the father of my son for more than 4years nw and our child his now 1year4months. I trully love the guy our has already broken.In 2012 he impregnanted me and i was doing grade11 and in 2013 reapeated the same grade.I thank god for his power this year i will doing grade 12.Ever since i become pregnant the guy started cheating me sleeping around with girls and now he needs me to forgive him with all the sin he had done.

Love | Reviewer: Sonu jha | 9/12/13

I love a girl.In 2011 I proposed to her but she said me that ''i thought u always as a friend,i don't love you''. Guys pls help me...I want to know that she loves or really not.coz somewhere it seems to be dat she loves me.Pls guys help me...

love makes everything look too beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/12

i m in a relationship from last 5 years and i can only understand what i feel about him. Its been a long time but i still feel like yesterday only proposed me. And its true everything too beautiful when u are in love and that person also loves you.

i'd definitely do it again | Reviewer: Fara | 3/27/09

I've fallen crazily head over heel over this one man...he's charming, gorgeous, generous, nice, sensitive...he has all the trades that I secretly, I've been sending him presents; flowers, cakes and some others...I didn't sign my name on those gifts that I sent to him but I signed it as "yours truly, thru & thru"...I did all that because I missed him so much and eversince I've graduated, I have never seen him since...


3 days ago he told me that he's getting married...for a moment, it felt as if the world is crashing on me...the pain was unbearable, in fact, I can still feel the pain but not as much though...I've misunderstood him when he told me, about a month ago, that he was single...when I asked him about it, he said he's not married yet, hence he's single...

Wow...I never knew there's such definitions for singles...

Well anyway, I've made a complete fool of myself...I've daydreamed about us being together till eternity, I've imagined having little Johan running around...silly me, my instinct told me to stop, that someone like him cannot be single...but I ran through it...and now I'm hurt badly...

Something about me that I'm truly proud of is that, I'd be holding on to that dream no matter how small the chances of me getting it...and when he told me that he was single, I saw that as a chance and I grabbed it...but I know from the beginning, from the moment I sent him that roses, I'd never be able to have someone like him...I know the moment I reveal myself to him, he'd be sprinted away from me and never come back...but I didn't care, I did what I did all because I was hoping that, those gifts and words I sent his way would make his day a little bit brighter...I knew I'm gonna get hurt can I get over the fact that he's getting married...?

Nevertheless, I'm not sorry for loving him as much as I do...and if I could travel back in time, I'd do it all over again...I love him, I really really do...good luck with life, my dearest Johan...I'll miss you...

love | Reviewer: the wrong one who loves right | 11/17/07

i love a girl for a six years and i propems her with marradge but there is a proplem found and at the end i say to me sorry for love any one ride this send me an instaled massage for help plz

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